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Gets + Rumble U trade + US Mall Tour Meetup?

Hey guys!! I got some stuff in the mail a while back that I would like to show off. I also got a couple more Rumble U figures.
Come take a look
photo 2 (5)
itty bitty plush Piplup strap <3
I didn't know what I was expecting for this plush since it was mostly buried in a GA. It's much better than anything I expected LOVE IT TO DEATH

photo 3 (4)
Chubby Wubby Giratina and Palkia. You do not understand how in love with that Giratina I am. Soooooo CHUBBY

photo 1 (5)
Ruble U figures!! I am Looking to trade Pikachu and Genesect for BULBASAUR or EEVEE
I was granted sales permission in June of 2012

Finally a potential meetup?
I have never done a meetup before but I would love to!!
I will be going to Indianapolis, Indiana this Sunday for the XY mall tour and was hoping to do a meetup (Anyone from Indiana even on here? XD)
I'm not sure what time it is since the mall's website hasn't updated with it yet (WHY?). but I would assume that I would just go when the mall opens?
Has anyone been to previous Mall tours? What were they like?
For anyone who does come, we should bring a pokemon plush that doesn't mind being photographed and our 3DS so we can trade/ exchange FCs
We can discuss more through email if anyone is interested

Thanks for looking! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Tags: giratina, palkia, piplup, trading
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