alvagc122 (alvagc122) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help!! Looking for plushies... :3

Hi to everyone!! I'm new here and well I just wanted to add a wishlist!! its just that ive been looking for these plushies so much and ill hapilly trade for them so here they are!

Raichu Jumbo UFO plush: They dont sell it here in the states, they dont sell it on ebay.... i cant get it... I would trade anything for him!!

Azurill Hasbro plushie: This ones pretty hard to get too!! its not in stores anymore so i dont know how yo get it!! anyone that wants to trade one I have other plushies to trade...

Anyone who is interested please contact me or post a comment... I will happily trade for them!! If you want to see my collection to see if youre interested in any of my plushies wait for tomorrow I will post a Photo of all of my plushies!!

Thank you very much!!
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