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Pikachu blankets and other exciting gets

The third wave of Pikachu Oops! goods was released today. The merch itself was pretty generic (handkerchief, tote bags in various sizes and for various purposes, clear files, stickers, etc.) with the only item I had an interest in being the mini blanket with the third wave Pikachu print.

The print itself is super adorable and it took a lot of will power to not buy more things. Somehow I was able to not give in!

A quick shot of the Pikachu Oops! corner where you can see some of the items I mentioned above.

The blanket is very tiny, tinier than I was expecting. Like the Eevee blanket, the bottom side of the blanket is soft fleece and the top part with the pattern is a more stiff fabric.

The tag art is adorable!

Here is the blanket laid out. As I mentioned, the print is very cute.

Close-up of print.

Each blanket comes with a pillow cover/case, which can be used to store the blanket when not in use.

The pillow case features a cute Pikachu patch.

And here is the pillow with the blanket inside.

Subbie was hanging out and wanted to try out the pillow. He says it was very comfy!

...but he likes using the blanket as a blanket the best.

Along with the blanket, which I had been looking forward to since I saw the Pikachu Oops! third wave announcement, I have a couple other exciting gets to share!

I finally got my hands on a shiny Eevee Rumble U figure! I have been looking for one since they came out in Japan and have been waiting for the price to drop enough that I could buy it. Finally, it happened!

Another big want of mine...the Eevee mini candy tin, which I also managed to get at a reasonable price. I love the art! Now I am just on the look out for the Umbreon mini tin.

I bought an entire set of the Eeevee Ippai figures so I could get all the stickers and the new Sylveon figures.

The stickers are also very cute.

And speaking of stickers... perhaps my biggest want of the summer is finally mine.

The Sylveon movie poke-pan sticker! You guys do not know how much Pokemon bread I ate to try and get this sticker. A lot! Too much! Between me and my husband eating bread every day, I was able to get all the Eevees and the Sylveon and Pikachu sticker...but not Sylveon. I finally gave up and bought this one, but watch, now that I finally have one, the next Pokemon bread I open will have the Sylveon sticker.

This month, I am looking forward to the gothic series, both at the Pokemon Center and Banpresto goods. I am currently on the look out for the Super DX Litwick plush, which already came out in game centers in Japan, and next week's Halloween promotion at the Pokemon Center looks like it will feature a lot of amazing stuff!

On a closing note, my Namco clear kids auction is ending in a little over 24 hours. You can check it out here!

Thanks for reading <3
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