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Ho-oh Arrived!

The Ho-oh Keychain I bought form Rinkatink arrived today! It came a LOT sooner than I thought it would :)

whatsit.jpg picture by Twilmer

Ho-oh thinks the drawing on the package is amazing, I concur X3
Ho-oh: It has me on it! Is it for me? HURRY AND OPEN IT!

itcaaaame.jpg picture by Twilmer

I love the Pokemon stationary X3 so cute!
Ho-oh: Hurry and unwrap the bubblewrap! I think I see me!

happy.jpg picture by Twilmer

EEEEEEEEEEEEE he's so handsome!!!!! This has to be one of my new favorite Ho-oh items! I was going to take him out and use him...and I still might...but I absolutely love the packaging X3
Ho-oh: They made a keychain of me? ;3; *is honored*

And a question, did they ever make a Ho-oh Zukan? I'll have to take a pic of my Ho-oh collection soon. It's only...4 items big ^^; 5 if you count the Rapidash game Ho-oh promo. any help locating non-card Ho-oh merch would be appreciated ^^

Also, how do you get a feedback page set up so people can leave feedback about payments and sales? Just wondeirng ^^;
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