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Sales update for plush, zukan, kids, and more figurines

I have added dozens of kids, zukan, battle museum figures, and more to my previous sales post of two plush. Shipping for my 70 battrios sales can be combined with the items in this post. This is also a reminder for my 70 Full Color Stadium (FCS) figures offer. There are only a couple of offers so I bet this is a good timing to call for a reminder.

Below is a preview of the post -
Serperior Espeon DSC00128
DSC00681 DSC00683 DSC00688

As well as a preview of the offer for FCS figures
DSC00663_调整大小 DSC00676_调整大小 DSC00679_调整大小

Link to the sales post for plush, zukan, kids, and more.

Link to the offers post for FCS figures.
Tags: figures, kids, plush, sales, zukan
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