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A little sales post for the start of September!

Hey all! I hope school is treating you well, for those of you returning. :) I myself am working a lot, and have booked two weeks off for a road trip throughout BC and Alberta starting next week! It's going to be loads of fun! I'll be taking one of my plush, I'm not sure who yet. Do a photo adventure with them and post an update with tons of photos of them out and about! Maybe at the hot springs! Or in the Rocky Mountains! Or the Enchanted Forest! So much to see. * u* I'm really excited!

So today I bring you some sales for the start of this September. It already feels like Autumn here. That makes me glad, Summer is not my cup of tea. D:

Here is a big sleepy Zorua to brighten your day! Please click the cut below for my sales, and thank you so much for looking! <3

Feedback -
I ship from Canada! Shipping starts to USA for NON flats at $9. $11 for International for NON flats.
Sales permission granted by allinia 08/12
Paypal only please!
I generally don't do holds. If someone below you commits, and you are just asking for a quote, they will have 100% priority over you. Sorry.

The goods!

Shiny karp not for sale. His name is Roger and will be your size reference for this evening.
DX Eevee plush (bought in Japan myself.) MWT - $17

Osaka Eevee facecloth bought in Japan MIP - SOLD~
Eevee charm with keyring thing (You can attach dot sprite charms on here for a nice display!) MIP - $7

Party Happy Time charm set with Pikachu, Eevee and Ninfia. Won't split. - $12
Flareon mug MIB - $20
Eevee Tail mug MIB - $20

Reshiram Japanese Pokedoll MWT - SOLD~
Wailord Pokemon Time strap MIP - $5

Kurutto Pokemon Rootote bag. It's reversible, and quite large as you can see in the image. I have not used it, but it feels really sturdy and would be great for re-useable grocery bag, shopping bag, over night bag, picnic bag etc. The fabric feels like it would be fairly water resistant.

DX minun Plush! His tag is warped:

Nothing a book wouldn't fix. It's a DX Banpresto plush. I don't know much about it, other than it's huge and takes up space in my little room. D:

N clearfile with Zorua. It's on the other side as well. SOLD~
N and Zorua charm - $5

MPCs! $5 each! I want them gone. ; n;

SOLD: Scrafty

And finally, I am sadly selling this big boy I commissioned a while ago from bubble_rhapsody on Deviantart. He's fully made of minky, with the exception of the fur neck puff part. He's massive and ready for snuggles. He's always just sat on my desk. He's too big for my liking now though. I had him made to kind of mimick the sleeping Pokemon plush, like the Oshawott and Snivy that are so freaking cute.

The only problem (which might be an easy fix if it really bugs you?) is a little hole. It arrived to me like that.

Other than that he is minky and plush and ready for a new home. Due to his size, I anticipate shipping being high. I'll stuff him in the smallest box possible for shipment to you. So because I ship from Canada, I will offer him for a fraction of what I paid. (If you know the cost of minky and customs, you'll think I'm crazy. But Canadapost loves overcharging so it's hard to sell big items.)
I'm only asking $35! Please give him a new home. He wants to snuggle with you, with your cats and dogs, and on your bed, and with your other plush. He needs a good home.

Anywho, thank you all for looking! I hope you find something you like. <3

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