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League Badges Completed and an Emolga want

Yesterday I finally got my last Unova 2013 badge from the Play Pokemon/PKMN League, so here's the badge case and the inside.
Victorsaurus BadgeCase1 photo LJPKMNBadge1_zps853df2b3.jpg
Victorsaurus BadgeCase2 photo LJPKMNBadge2_zpsde89303a.jpg
The hardest part for me is battling for the badge, but it makes it feel more like a real gym battle both VG/TCG.

For the want, anyone has one of these Emolga item for sale/can direct me to one from this comm, preferably a US seller. It's an Audio jack, I think it's from a Pepsi promotion in Japan. It does not have to be in the bag.
EmolgaAudioCell photo EmolgaCell_zps905f9a2c.jpg
Photo from a Ebay seller, if it belongs to you and want me to take it out let me know.

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