poke_zula (poke_zula) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The biggest grail I think I will ever get + Growlithe plush collection

It seems like tailglow has been quite the hero lately. Because of that user, today, I received what I think is the biggest, grailiest grail I will ever obtain.

This is a plush that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever thought I'd even SEE FOR SALE, much less own! I didn't even put it on any wants list or anything because I was THAT sure that I'd never find one in my life.
Here it is--the Growlithe Mirage plush:


Growlithe is my absolute, all-time favourite Pokemon ever. My desire is to collect every official figure, plush, and charm of Growlithe ever made, and, today, I have finally achieved that goal.

It doesn't have stripes. O_O
I showed this to my mum--which is something I hardly ever do with my new collection additions--and the first thing she said was, "Why does it have weird colours?"

This one has a suction cup! How curious! The only other one of these that I've seen, which is owned by growly, doesn't have that.
Even though this Growlithe is probably around 14+ years old, it's in pristine condition. There isn't a single sign of wear or of it being in used condition. It's actually quite soft, in fact!
Best of all, it was insanely cheap! XD

Here's my "heart-felt" and "tear-jerking" story of how I came to find this plush:
One day, I decided to finally find a Taiwanese shopping sight to look for Mirage plushies--Flareon or Nidoqueen to be exact. I spent hours navigating the new sight. It was very frustrating and stressful because I didn't know what I was doing. After a while, I got the hang of it, and all was well; however, I didn't find anything that day.
The next day, I went on again looking for that Flareon or Nidoqueen that I desperately wanted, and BOOM. I found this chica instead. Things turned out better than I ever could have hoped!
Before you know it, Tailglow kindly accepted my plea for help and middle-maned this darling over for me.

Here is a picture of all my Growlithe plushies:
I feel so lucky to have so many customs! I did not order them for myself: they were already pre-made, and I just came along and bought them. =3
I've never actually commissioned a plush before (well, I'm in the process, but it's been taking since January...).

I can't BELIEVE that I own all three of the official Growlithe plushies now! I just can't....AH. I'll spare you the squealing-so-much-that-I-can't-make-noise-anymore sounds that I want to write.

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