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Collection Update and Wants

So I haven't showed you guys my collection update since July and I tough it was a time to do one. Me and my gf went to a small collectors convention they do here and we got a lot of cards a lot of old cards that I hadn't even seen before since I left TCG when I was young and came back now as an adult. Anyways enough of my talking XD On to the collection and wants~~~~!

When I first join the community I only had 2 albums whit every card I had now I'm with 4 albums with all the pokemon and a tin full of trainers.
Also I started to play the actual card game :) In college a lot of people play and also my gf wanted to play so I went and bough a deck lol.

My Growlithe and Arcanine TCG collection has grown a lot and it's thanks to my gf that has helped me search around here :)

My figures, well I got Eevee in one of the Rumble U thingies :3, tough we are both searching for a Lucario lol

The wants I am currently looking for are all TCG since this is the set I am closest to finish is all from the Jungle Set:

1/64 Clefable
3/64 Flareon
6/64 Mr. Mime
7/64 Nidoqueen
8/64 Pidgeot
9/64 Pinsir
11/64 Snorlax
13/64 Venomoth
14/64 Victreebel
16/64 Wigglytuff
18/64 Electrode
20/64 Jolteon
21/64 Kangaskhan
22/64 Mr. Mime
23/64 Nidoqueen
25/64 Pinsir
26/64 Scyther
28/64 Vaporeon
33/64 Butterfree
39/64 Marowak
60/64 Pikachu
64/64 Poké Ball
Tags: arcanine, collection, growlithe, lucario
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