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A Giant Get~

Hey everyone!~ Hope everyone had a nice summer. ^^ I just started school last week so I'm  getting into the swing of things, and losing a lot of sleep. XD

So, I got three boxes in the mail today... two were for me, one was a middleman so we're gonna skip that one. XD I wanted to share the other two because they're items that I was really looking forward to receiving <3

So I started out with the smaller package, and got something I wasn't expecting to see so soon!

Shiny Pikachhuuuu!! <33

Am I too late for the bandwagon yet

When Shiny Pikachu came out in Japan, I wanted it but had never used YJ. I started using it, but by the time I was comfortable enough to order stuff, they had disappeared. ;A; I'm so glad they came out in the US and UK. I didn't have to pay a crazy amount hunting for a Japanese one. XD

Look how pretty. <3 It's a little difficult to tell that she's shiny in this lighting though. Ugh why did Pikachu's shiny color have to be that orange... >.>;;

Now, opening the second (and much larger) box...




This guy was a total lucky find! I was just scrolling through YJ and he popped up with no bids yet, so I bid on him with a crazy max because I couldn't find any previous auctions to price check him at... and I ended up winning!! :D

Aren't elephants supposed to be afraid of mice or something?

After carrying this big guy to my room (I opened the box in the living room because I'm too impatient XD), I did a few comparison shots on my bed.

Here's a nice side view of Phanpy. He's a little short on stuffing in his feet so he squishes is front legs a bit.

The Phanpy Pokedoll family <3 They're all different shades of blue XD 2005 is the greyest looking one farther to the left (most likely because he's in really loved condition), and the 2002 is on the right. I am guessing the color difference between the 2002 and the DX may or may not be based on the DX's condition, and the fact that he seems to be made of a different material. I believe he's made of fleece but I'd have to double check that.

Little Phanpy is being used as a trunkrest! Oh noes, he can't handle the weight! D:

And to give you a clearer idea of how big XD Phanpy is, here's 1:1 Cyndaquil to compare:

You get a pretty good idea of the size difference already. Phanpy is taller than Cyndaquil.

This is a side view as well. Cyndaquil is technically bulkier, but that's because he's cheating with his back flame.

Ignore the pile of plushies in the bg, one of my shelves fell and wont hang up again blah

So there's the not so little Phanpy for now, you'll be seeing more of him soon when I plan a big collection update in October <3 Thanks for looking! :D

Also, has anyone heard from bacentrekkes or jimgagax3 in the past few days? It's now almost 10 days since Payment 2 for the GA was posted, and I said I needed payment within a week. :( If I don't hear within 24 hours from you guys, I'll end up just counting it as unpaid and leaving negatives for the time being. ;A;
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