j_ule (j_ule) wrote in pkmncollectors,

::: Charmander/Charizard Merch List/s? :::

Dear community,

my favorite Pokemon is Charmander (and I also love Charizard), and I would love to collect various Charmander/Charizard merch (plush, figures, cards etc.)
Does anyone of you know a useful _list_ of Charmander/Charizard merch (or specifically plush/figures/etc.) with relevant information about when and where they were released and which company made them? I'm thinking about something like a "Charmander/Charizard Collector's Guide".

I am seeing that on the community, there is a Collector's Guide with all the relevant terms and types of merch there are, and also, there is an information post about the I <3 Eeevee collection. Are there similar guides for other Pokemon (evolution lines), meaning am I just doo dumb to find them here? :D If yes, please let me know! :)

Otherwise: Is there any possibilty to create a "Charmander/Charizard Collector's Guide" especially for the community (this does not only concern Charmander, but other popular Pokemon which have a lot of merch, too). If yes, what's the best way to do it? Who is allowed to do it/Who is able to do it (just mods, or also regular members)?

Also, if you know any specific Charmander/Charizard merch that's hard to come by or very unique, feel free to post it in the comment section. :)

Thank you, and a nice Poke-week to all of you!
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