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Quick sales!

Hello, everyone. It's been a while, and I'm hoping to sell a few shiny things today. u vu
Sales preview:

[Snip!]Rules and info:

  1. Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

  2. Feedback is here:

  3. I ship from New Zealand, internationally.

  4. All pkmncollectors community rules apply.

  5. I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!

  6. Prices are shipping and fees exclusive.

  7. Will hold items for 48 hours if you commit to buy.

  8. All prices are in USD

  9. If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!

  10. Shipping for items listed below will be ~$11.50 INTERNATIONALLY. It's likely the shipping will remain at $11.50 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this.

  11. All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.

  12. Please only claim one freebie with a purchase. e.g. two purchases = two freebies.

YEE, let's get started.

*Pokemon Center Eevee Plush : $30.00
*Pokemon Center Espeon Plush: $31.00
*Pokemon Center Flareon Plush: $31.00
*Espeon DX Plush: $30.00
*Umbreon DX Plush:$30.00

*Eevee Egg Plush: $17.00
*Eevee Banpresto Keychain: $8.00
*Eevee Banpresto Plush: $16.00
*Eevee Mascot Plush: $19.00
*2009 Sitting Shinx Canvas: $30.00
*2007 Standing Shinx Canvas: $20.00 ; v;
*Eevee Chupa Figure: $11.00
*Vaporeon Kyun Chara with Flattened Box: $13.00
*Gold Magikarp: $35.00

*Cleffa Lock Thing: $1.00
*Espeon Pokedoll Keychain: $9.00
*Vaporeon Pokedoll Keychain: $10.00
*Gothic Lolita Notes (has a page of stickers too!) : $17.00
*Eevee And Frans Wallet x2 : $16.00

(Sorry for the upside down pic.)
*Papa Eevee Tail: $26.00
*Mama Eevee Tail: $16.00
*Eevee and Frans Hanky: $11.00
*Eevee and Non-Eeveelu Frans Hanky: $10.00

FREEBIES. Because I am a kind soul. *u vu*

Alright, that's it, everyone! Thanks for reading! /Clings.

Tags: eevee, sales
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