Jai Krika (akirasoong) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jai Krika

A few new additions and updated wants list

Hey everyone :D

Been a while since I posted here :) Just a tiny update, mostly Pokedolls from various GAs arrived in the past few weeks :) I'm finding it hard to stick with my plan of just legendary Pokedolls. Every time I see Pokedolls I think yeah that's a cutie, I'd like this one. My collection is doing pretty well now, 47 in total. I'm 15 away from having all legendary Pokedolls eveer made :D I have just one package on the way and that would take it to 49. So I'm looking for a special Pokedoll to be my 50th :D I've updated my wants post with potential candidates for my 50th :D

Wants List


As for my gets well I finally found a Togekiss Pokedoll <3 Shes such a cute lil pokedoll. Metagross had a fun little trip according to his packaging. Turns out he got mailed to Taiwan by mistake :o But he eventually made it to me in one piece :D The two Meloettas were a pair I was debating to get for some time. I wanted the JAP versions as I'm not too fond of the big tush labels that are present on the US versions. They are a cute little pair.

Anyways I'll be leaving feedback for those who need it and thanks again for looking <3
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