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Just an exciting update~ (*´ω`*)

Oh and you can just drag and drop the image and it will get bigger~

So after a few packages and since a few of my biggest wants got here;
I think its time to show a little update to my pokemon collection. /WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY.~<3

My old update is located on my journal from my pokemon plushies and a couple of figures I had.
Well, lets just say I splurged and found a couple of my big wants: must give a big shout-out to: rypeltajaroll. /Thank you!

I had to sign to get the package. Hmm 2 figures.... I wonder what it could be o(≧▽≦)o


Ahhh, I finally got the Eevee pokedoll!!!
She is so cute and I'm so glad I finally got her.
After seeing everyone getting one I decided too and I'm so happy. Look at that face~ *3*

-The Eevee spring UFO and the Togekiss pokedoll I got from: rypeltajaroll.
She was so nice and always seems to have one of my wishies, I am so over-joyed.
I am also expecting another one of my wants, an eevee pushing a wagon figure, so I cannot wait to receive it.

-The Eevee stamps and the kid I got from:enshogirl.
I never imaged ever getting flats, misc, or more figures but after seeing them I just had to get them.

I got this cute laying down plush from: poke_zula.

Here is the walky Eevee plush and large banpresto eevee I got from: polahbear.

So I've also been shopping on Ebay and it got me these 2 plushies for a good deal~
I will also be getting a Eevee rumble figure since they look too cute! x3

Update on each plushie category? -not sure how to say it.

So here are my babies:

So these are all my beloved plushies, kids, and other items that will stay with me.
I will one of these days get more Houndour/Houndoom custom plushies since poor Miya is all alone.
But alas I thank you for taking the time to look and hope that you all have a pleasant day today~ ^-^

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