Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Just wanted to reinforce the group buy on my latest post before Friday, when I'll be gone for vacation for a little over a week.
The Pokemon that still haven't been claimed are Pikachu and Piplup; they are $5 each plus $2+ shipping (depending on your location), and I would need payment before I buy the set. If there are no takers, I'll probably be able to afford it and then just sell off the two, but of course the former would be easiest.

There's also still stuff left in my sales post! Terribly outdated, I know, but I have new stuff coming in within the next 2 weeks, and even more depending on how much of the stuff currently there sells. :D
And for shipping of the items, I promise it'll get out tomorrow. I was hoping to get it done today, but apparently the shipping money my mum left has been claimed by my sister for her trip to NY x_x; sorrysorry

As always, have a great week!
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