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Plush Sales! (Ooo-ooh!)

I'm parting with a chunk of my personal collection today, and for quick sales, all prices are as shipped.


Feraligatr Zukan piece - $10 shipped - no damage but a little shelf dusty

Entei Lot - $20 shipped - Mint items
Includes Movie Zukan, Retsuden Stamp and expanding DS stylus

Mewtwo lot - $25 shipped - ranges from mint to slightly used (see pic)
Includes TCG Bottlecap, one clear kid, one rare poseable kid, attack kids and clear FCS

Raichu kids - $9 shipped each
Clear Haunter kid - $8 shipped - small japanese letter on back over the copyright stamp
All other kids $2 each + $5 shipping for as many as you want. Nidoran is used. Rest are very good condtion.

$5 shipping + $2 per item below - all good condition
So Munchlax = $7 shipped, but Munchlax + Butterfree = $9 shipped
Exception: Poochyena tag = $6 shipped

Dewott Jakks - $12 shipped - Mint and official (from my shelf) but Tag loop is separate.
I'd be happy to put this towards a partial trade for a Pokecen Dewott if anyone out there has a spare.

Raikou Zukan - $16 shipped - light shelf use

Zor-line Zukan - $10 Shipped - used/sold as seen
Correct base as far as I know.

Reshiram start-up kit - $28 shipped - All mint
Includes Zukan, Clipping figure, soft figure, Tomy, gachapon eraser in Masterball

DX I Love Pikachu Plush MWT - $40 shipped
Yours will have an attached tag.

Sableye Minky Plush Beanie - $30 shipped - Excellent Condition

Awesomely weird Pikachu and Lapras book - $30 shipped
I love this thing, but I'm never gonna write in it.

Shinx lot - $13 shipped
Clockwork Shinx is new and workingstrong. Kid is clean but has paint rubs

Horrible things - $10 shipped for both
They work, that's about all I can say.

TOMYs $2 each plus only $5 shipping for as many as you want
Candy figure Charmeleon - $2, same postage rule
Skymin damaged / not for sale
Front row - $1.50 each, same postage rule

Scenic Zukan - $12 shipped

Bun line Zukan - $8 shipped

Lucario Zukan - $12 Shipped - complete

Articuno Gashapon - $10 shipped

Stamps - Back row $10 shipped for all 4
Front row - $10 shipped for all 4

Or both sets for $15

Boxed Audino Kid - $9 shipped

TOMY Metal coins - 3 for $5 shipped
Multiples available

Buneary on ballchain - $10 shipped

Buneary on ballchain (seated) - $9 shipped

Giant Banpresto Pokeball Cushion - $30 shipped
Sorry, it's heavy!

Typhy Zukan - $10 shipped

Big Psyduck Play by Play - $16 shipped - Mint with tush tag only

14" Big Play by Play Blastoise - $20 shipped - Great condition, tush tags only

Blaziken bath Salt figure and Keshipoke
I will be auctioning these later in the week, I just thought you guys would like to see a big pic.

Poliwhirl / Poliwrath Pokemon centre screen printed Handkerchief - $10 shipped - Good condition, one small dark mark on one side. I think it has a small tag sewn in saying Pokecentre.
The bobbles on the material are part of the fabric, in some places it can be seen that they existed before it was screen printed.

Laying plusle Tomy - $9 shipped - good condition
I now have about three pairsof these things, so it's time to stop breeding them.

Tiny Minky Banpresto UFO Minun - $10 shipped
Pretty hard to find these guys, sadly. It took me 3 years to find a pair.
Pachirisu Canvas - $15 shipped - Clean but loved.
Good tush tag, and nice to display, but the fabric is fleecy from being washed.

Big Groudon Action Figure - $15 shipped in box
- Small crack on claw, otherwise great

I repaired this claw and it's strong as ever. This figure is pretty delicate, it would be $12 in a bubble mailer instead but I would take NO responsibility for the state of its arrival.

Charizard Velcro Treat Keeper Pouch - $10 shipped - Near Mint
Looks like the Hasbro Beanie, right? But it isn't!

Houndoom TCG Scorecard - $8shipped
Unused, never been folded, only ever been on my wall. Different areas are glossy or matt.

Glameow Line Zukan - $11 Shipped
Correct base, light shelf use

1:1 Tomy Oshawott MWT - Will be up for offers this week.

- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- No Haggling
. Quotes for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

Holds / Quotes:
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, please say so in your comment!
- Items on this sales post, no holds. My family is on holiday later this week so I cannot play around too much with getting things out.
- If you do not pay for or confirm your items by Thursday 12th Sept, I cannot ship them until Tuesday the 19th Sept.

Prices are for: Shipped to outside the UK
Please comment for a quote for the UK, or combined items will be cheaper.
Tags: banpresto, blastoise, blaziken, buneary, dewott, entei, feraligatr, figures, groudon, lapras, lucario, mewtwo, minun, oshawott, pachirisu, plush, plusle, poliwhirl, poliwrath, poochyena, raichu, raikou, sableye, sales, stamps, tomy, zukan
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