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Mini Collection Update + A Census and Some Questions.

First off, thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the comments on my collection! I certainly feel more at home and at ease with such a warm community - you guys are great!

Secondly, I headed out to the library to grab a book I need for my literature studies this evening (I'm taking 'O' level examinations privately, and I picked literature as one of my subjects). A dinner and some shopping later, I headed over to the movie memorabilia shop to check if they had movie 11's mini-posters in stock.

What greeted me there was more than that.


I wouldn't believe it! They had the mini-posters for all the Pokémon movies (movie 11 included) sans movies 1 and 6 - they even had several versions of the movie 10 poster (including one that featured a beautifully drawn picture of Dialga and Palkia)!

(I did not take any pictures of the posters they had though - and even if I wanted to, they probably could have turned down my request - I don't think they will allow photography in their shop)

I originally intended to buy the movie 5 mini-poster, but upon inquiring about their stock, I settled on the movie 2 mini-poster shown up there, as they had only one left in their stock then - obviously, I had to grab those that are at risk of becoming unavailable soon before other people get their hands on it (and budget constrains means much of the cash I have at hand are either locked in other more important things, or in the savings which I will be using for other things in the future, so I limit myself to one of these per month). Apologies to everyone else in Singapore trying to get this in their collection - Pokémon collecting is a first come, first served world; that's the cruel fact D: .

Here's the mini-poster framed up alongside my movie 8 mini-poster (that movie 4 mini-poster is now in my cold store).

And here's how my whole display looks like at the moment, with the movie 2 mini-poster up there. Apologies for the quality of the pictures if they look blurry or bad - I took them with my mobile phone camera.

Also, a few things I forgot to show in my introduction post here.

Latios Full Colour Advance Figure (thanks encas for telling me what these figures are called!) - this sits at the base of my computer workstation's monitor as a decor.

Pokémon Battle Revolution poster. Got this as part of my Pokémon Diamond package, just as probably everyone else did (yes, I play Diamond, although I have been neglecting it recently...).

The fold-out poster inside the Pokémon movie book I showed in my introduction post. I had wanted to show it there, but held back as the number of pictures in that post grew. Here it is in all it's glory.

Lastly, a few questions about the community:

1. I'm just wondering: what is the average age and the dominant gender of the membership in this community? Also, where are most of you from? I get a feeling that most of the people here are between the ages of 15 to 25 (or thereabouts), this community is of a mostly female population, and most are from the Americas, Europe, and Australia (with a minority Asian membership) - I just need to know if I'm right. Apologies if this has been done before or comes across as rude.

2. This one is privacy related: when sending packages to each other, how do you guys make sure your real-world home address is entrusted with trustworthy people? Do you guys actually feel comfortable giving out your home address to people over the internet - and how do you make sure only the people who need the address get it and do only the things they need to do with it - sending packages to your home? Again, apologies as I don't really feel comfortable with sharing my home address over the internet - even privately - although I'm ready to drop any apprehensions should I be convinced otherwise.

3. What is the preferred payment method? Paypal? Who bears the extra charges (such as currency exchange fees, money transfer, etc.)? Should I factor these in when buying something from someone else here? Again, apologies here - I have no real prior experience with buying things online - those things that came off online auctions were favours I asked my sister (who is more comfortable with such things) to do, and I could pay her the cost later.

And finally, apologies if I don't make sense at some points - as you may see, it's 1:23 AM as I post this...

Edit: as it is impossible for me to reply to every single post in this entry, I feel an edit might be more suitable as a reply.

First off, thanks everyone for the replies for the questions and the response to the census question - particular thanks to regen for digging out the poll, which definitively answered my auestion - your help is really much appreciated!

Secondly, in regards to my privacy concerns, most of you went out to reassure how privacy is respected in this community, pointing me to the member feedback section if I'm suspicious of anyone, or suggested renting a P.O. box if I really am still worried. With all of this reassurances, I feel more reassured of my privacy when doing a purchase or trade around here. I was actually thinking of renting a P.O. box, but that could really be outside the limits of my budget.

Lastly, in regards to payment methods and extra charges. Since I'm still new to this, what follows may sound stupid to you, so bear with me for a bit. For the sake of convenience, I will probably be able to make payments only in Singapore dollars, which no one else here probably uses. I'm aware that PayPal, which most of you stated is your preferred choice, has a currency exchange fee for multi-currency transactions. I was not exactly sure who was going to bear this - me? or the seller? - and PayPal's web site doesn't seem to make this clear enough. Do both sides get charged for this, or does only the buying or selling side get charged? Has anyone done a multi-currency sale/purchase through PayPal here, and if so, what was your experience? Or do I have to pay in the seller's currency?
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