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Just when you don't expect it + extras sale

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I last posted here, but I'm still in the middle of reorganizing my collection, so I don't have any major fixed layouts to show just yet.  However, I can show off a side addition I just got, with some sales for extras I have.  To be continued below!

Preview time:

All these posts for the Rumble U figures made me both excited and saddened all at once.  Excited because these cuties could finally be found domestically, but saddened because I don't often get opportunities these days to drop by any kind of Gamestop.  Thanks to multiple members here, I was able to get some of these figures, since I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to get any for myself in person.

However, I did get a chance to pick up some of these in person after all!  The highlight from what I've kept?  This one!

My luck when it comes to rarer things isn't the greatest, so I was a bit shocked to see this Shiny Eevee staring straight back at me!  It's far cuter than I was expecting, haha.

I also have some sales for those interested, including extra Rumble U figures, attack kid figures, Sylveon items, and a little something different for Shiny Genesect~!

Rules and Guidelines


  • I only accept payment made through PayPal.

  • No haggling, please.

  • Payment is to be made within 48 hours once your total is provided.  Failure to do so will result in negative feedback.

  • I will no longer hold items due to past abuse.

  • Never send payment as a "gift".

  • Make sure to provide your address if it is not automatically listed in PayPal.

  • List your username and what you're buying from me somewhere in your PayPal title and/or note.


  • I ship from California, USA and am willing to ship internationally.

  • I come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.

  • Shipping costs are only included for all domestic orders shipped within the U.S., so international shipping costs will be determined per request/order.

  • You may request shipping quotes when applicable, but I will not assume you are committed to buy unless you directly state you are.

  • Default shipping is 1st Class when available, but if you'd like to request something different, let me know in advance.

  • I usually ship items within a week of receiving payment and will contact you once your package has been mailed off.

  • I am not responsible for lost or damaged items, but I will package everything as carefully as possible.

Extra Notes:

  • I will not sell to anyone banned from pkmncollectors or any other communities I frequent.

  • I have the right to refuse service to anyone if I see a real reason for it, such as prominent negative feedback or past bad experiences.

  • I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse as of 02/03/11.

  • Sales will only be done through comments; I will not do transactions involving my sales via private messages.

  • My feedback can be found here.

Rumble U Figures:

$5 shipped each:  Litwick x 2, Bulbasaur x 2, Croagunk
$6 shipped each:  Torchic, Piplup
$8 shipped each:  Shaymin, Celebi, Deoxys, Mew, Pikachu
Note:  I am willing to trade a combination of these for a White Kyurem only.

Kimewaza BW5 Attack Kids:

$4 shipped each:  Shiny Genesect x 2
$6 shipped each:  Flareon x 2
$8 shipped each:  Charizard, Vaporeon

Sylveon Items:

Tomy plush:  $22 shipped
Tomy figure:  $8 shipped

Talking Plush:  $55 shipped


Shiny Genesect Poseable Plush:  $50 shipped

Thank you for looking, and I hope to have more fun things to share soon!
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