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some shizzle i got from otakon and also directly after, too!!

YAY! lets checking it out.

volk says click the cut!

shiny luxio joined me for the entirety of otakon. tons of people wanted to buy her and even more thought i'd made her. wrong! shes just my buddy <3 only one plush got to come with me from japan and she got picked. yay! anyway, next to her is who was waiting for me when i got home.... needle felt luxray by enchantmentsart!

absolutely gorgeous. just pricked felt and a wire skeleton - needle sculpting at its finest. i love this unique and beautiful addition to my luxies.


WHATS THIS?! i opened a kid i bought as a gift for someone, but inside was a gift for ME! a handmade chinchou bell plush by our own NORKIA! WAAAH! i screamed so hard when i saw him!!!!

i'mma gonna jingle on over this way now!

hey! what's this shizzle??

the booth next to us (silver drake studios?) made this for me as a present since i watched their booth for them late one night. AAAAH! SO cute! that's a tigers eye jewel for the eye! so sweet!


also my sister and her friends ganged up to get me this raichu cel sketch to add to my collection of thunder shock showdown cel sketches! its raichu unable to shock (resulting in surge crying DO SUMTIN! BTW, surge crying DO SUMTIN is included on the back of this <3 better photos when i am home). AaAAAAAND also waiting for me was raichu card signed by the one and only ken sugimori. SO happy!
Tags: chinchou, custom, luxio, luxray, plush, raichu
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