zaknal93 (zaknal93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

On the removal of marks on figures...

Hello, everyone!

I come to you today in need of assistance. Back in March, I had found a DX Tomy Lugia on Y!J completely mint and crisp white with hangtag still attached around his head. As such, I couldn't pass it up and I bought him at a steal (20 bucks :D :D) and received him a while later!

Pictured: minty white beautifulness

Then along came summer and the end of the school year, so I put my collection and other items into storage until I came back to college for fall semester....

His poor neck and the black marks... :\

This weird red mark-rubbing-dirtying thing?

Those little black mark/scratch things at the top of his leg joint?

His left leg was almost completely free of marks, so this is how the above picture used to be:

With Lugia, I thought I did the right thing in wrapping my leather jacket around him to prevent him from scratches and scuffs...but when I got him out of my storage locker, his once pristine white body is now riddled with these weird black marks all over little dots that look like the black nylon/satin liner of my jacket had rubbed off on him D: In addition, my jacket liner had this red satin/ribbon-like trim that had also marked his chest somehow :\

Anyone have any idea how on earth I can get these marks out and restore him to how he used to be? I read that a magic eraser should take off nigh any stain, but I bought some and no dice - I can scrub with little or hard pressure and everything in between, but the magic eraser doesn't diminish the marks at all :( This figure's made of what feels like hard, solid pvc plastic (or the same kind of thing that they make Disney Vinylmations out of), with hollow and softer-plastic wings. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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