yellow6026 (yellow6026) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Please help with odd Pikachu Tomy?

I got an weird Pikachu Plush
I thought it was maybe a mirage plush but not now because the tags
Can anyone please help me figure out what this plush is?

I have two 1:1 Pikachu's that I know are real but this one says its tomy yet I can't find it online
It seems similar to the 1:1 Pikachu but still has clear differences

The mystery is one is at the right side >>>

The mystery tag is:

The normal 1:1 tomy tag is:

Sorry it's faded because its old

That's them together the one I am confused with is the one at the right side
I think it might be a bootleg or an older japanese tomy??

Images to compare them with:

Random 2nd 1:1 tomy Pikachu:

(Oddly there tags are very alike I guess that's just the Japanese tomy tags)

Also a thing that makes worry about it was the plush is about the same size as the normal 1:1 Pikachu but it feels way more heavy its odd
There was a ripe in the Pikachu so I toke stuffing out it because I was worried and found this:

I didn't take out a lot of it because this creeped me out D:
Can someone please help me figure this out?

Thank you for reading

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