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Intro post, finally. o.o

Hi! *waves* So I finally got around to uploading my pictures, which means I can finally make an intro post, after lurking around for months. x.x

I'm a raaaaaaaabid Pokémon fan (aren't we all? XD) and I do art too, sometimes pokémon. :3 ( My favorite ones are Flygon, Kirlia, Sneasel, and Eevee (though I've been falling off the bandwagon for Eevee lately... o.o). I've got a relatively small collection compared to you guys, though I had to leave most of my pokédolls behind when I moved recently. I'll go back for them though. :3

Anyway, pictures!

I feel like I've set up a shrine in my bookcase. o.o

Kirlia line!

Flygon line!

Sneasel line!

Eevee line! (What I have in this apartment)

(I never meant to start collecting Leafeon and Glaceon, but they're cute and have grown on me. o.o)

Some others that I like, but don't hardcore collect:
Clear Skarmory kid, Stantler zukan from tortoises (Thanks XD), and Jakks Girafarig figure + marble.

Absol tag and Tomy figure from pheonixxfoxx! Thank you! :)

Plushes! :D My favorite thing to collect is these guys. <3 There's Glaceon, Flygon, Jakks Sneasel, little flat Eevee that I don't remember where I got it from XD, Totoro pillow, Hansa rabbit, Stellar's Jay Audubon bird, and a Dustwing lizard my friend made for me <3

Also, those art cards you see under the figures? That was part of an ATC trade with lemurkat, who is awesome. :D

I got this the other day too, from my big SMJ box!

Pokémon Battle Figures! These look so neat. :3

I'm still missing the Kirlia zukan and Flygon zukan, Ralts kid, and Kirlia plush, and then I will feel complete. o.o If anyone has one they're willing to part with, or point me towards one, I'd love you for life <3 XD Actually, if you have anything from those three lines, let me know. :3

I'm also thinking about asking the mods to make a sales post for most of those battle figures and a couple of Jakks ones. Is anyone interested in them? :)

Thanks for taking the time to read all that. o.o
Tags: absol, collection, flygon, gardevoir, girafarig, kids, kirlia, plush, ralts, skarmory, sneasel, stantler, trapinch, vibrava, wanted, weavile, zukan
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