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Delayed Introduction Post

Hello everyone! I've been kind of lurking in this community for a little over a year now. I've commented occasionally and have bought a lot of things but it seemed like I always had a package on it's way. I'm finally at the point where I'm not waiting on anything at the moment, so I figured why not introduce myself?

Darkrai is my "main" collection and therefore I have the most items of him in comparison to others. I just started collecting him rather recently though, so I don't have as much as I would like. In general though, I collect items of the Pokemon in my "dream team" (Houndoom, Espeon, Lucario, Ninetales, Braviary and Froslass) as well as a few things of my "backup team" (Serperior, Luxray, Gardevoir, Vaporeon, Persian and Flygon).


This is my very small and cramped space for my collection. I share a small room with my friend in our apartment, so I have very limited shelving since I collect other series as well. D: Somehow I've managed to fit everything but I will probably have to move the plush elsewhere once I get more stuff... My Darkrai things are in the middle, main party is on the left and the back-up party/Lugia is on the left!


Closer shot of the left side! I really wish I had more for Braviary, but I'm not sure there is much else I can get besides for his kid (which for some reason I'm having a hard time obtaining, haha) and his plush, but I'm not really into collecting plush as much. Of course I would love to have more for Houndoom and Ninetales but items are so expensive for those two... I love my party! ♥


A closer look of all my Darkrais~ ♥♥ I don't know why I ended up loving him as much as I do, but I really hope to expand my collection for Darkrai as much as I can! Like I mentioned earlier, I just started collecting him rather recently. I'd say I've gotten all of these within the last 3-4 months. I know Darkrai has a variety of items but I'm not even sure what other items there are. I would like the kid figures I'm missing, the zukans and that action-pose Tomy figure especially, though.


Last but not least, the right side. I don't plan on collecting as many things of these seven, but I would like to get Gardevoir's Tomy figure and possibly zukan someday if money/the opportunity permits. I would also like her Jakks figure!


I also have a few things pinned to my bulletin board that are Pokemon related. Mainly just tags/wrappers/cards of things that I wanted to hold onto. Only things that are particularly noteworthy are the adorable picture that blu_berri_444 included with a package I received and the Cheren strap. I would like to collect other Cheren merchandise as well when money permits!

I collect cards of all the Pokemon above as well, but I didn't want to take pictures of my binder since each one has their own section and it would be tedious. I presently do not have any cards of Darkrai, Espeon, Flygon, Serperior or Luxray though. :(

I think my biggest grails are probably the Houndoom and Ninetales zukans, but I know I don't have the money for them at the moment so I will have to wait. Someday I will get them!! In the mean time, I'm always looking for new Darkrai figures/cards/whatever as well as any Houndoom merchandise. :)

I hope to be more active in regards to posting and commenting now that I've introduced myself. It's nice to meet everyone!
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