SK (skdarkdragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini Models Posted - Shoutout

EDIT: Also, very embarrassed, but I have to shoutout to whoever I won the Cyndaquil Metal Keychain from. D: I can't find the post, and I don't get e-mail notifications on my comments for some reason. ~__~ If you could please PM me, I'd greatly appreciate it, and I apologize for the delays!

Hey all! Went through and sorted a lot of the mini models. Right now I'm just posting the ones that are popular/people had inquired about. If you're interested in a particular Pokemon just ask and I'll do a quick check. They're all priced at $4 each right now to keep things simple. Check out my pretty rainbows, and combine with my current sales! :D

I also have several large lots on Ebay right now. They're not really conducive to GAs, because they're so big and I don't want to sort everything for good photos, but it's a very good price if you like mixed-bag lots. :)

Tags: sales
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