Snowshoe (snowshoe11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail get!

This may be a stupid grail but It was mine and I never thought I would have a chance of getting it even though there all over yahoo japan. But thanks to heerosferret  I got him (the small luxray is from ailillui of ebay) 

He is so big and shiny he is my favorite plush ever <3  I waited at the window while playing my ds for the mail to come every day this whole week and finnaly he came. The side of his face got smushed so I had to push the stuffing around and now he perfect

Here is my total collection I only started collecting about a month ago so I would say Ive done a pretty good job 
also I got the luxray sticker in the mail </a></font></b></a>taycs  but you cant see it in the picture very well
Im still on the hunt for a decently priced Luxray tomy and Luxray Kid. and the very rare zukan that everyone seems to want  that is my current grail 
I also got the skymin movie kid in the mail today I figured some people would be curious to see both kids side by side so here they are 

The movie kid is the most adorable thing ever <3
Tags: luxray, shaymin
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