drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

super lucky morning! also, a want, and, strange happenings.

Late to the bandwagon, Went out shopping today and managed to get into GameStop when it opened so i could grab some rumble figures (last time i went, when they originally came out, they were sold out). I only ended up buying 4 for now, but i know i'll be grabbing more later and...

my 4th and last pull, shiny Pikachu! i feel super lucky cause nothing like this ever happens to me. xD I was hoping for shiny Genesect but any shiny is just as well ;u;
I am not sure if it will be up for offers or trades as of yet but i'll decide in a couple days, if there is any interest?
I also got Genesect, Mew, and Deoxys to go along with my japanese Mewtwo and Darkrai.
squee! i had a good morning. <3

Secondly, anyone have a regular/purple Genesect pokedoll for sale? I got my shiny one and now i want the normal one too. ;u;

not sure how much i want to be spending, but shoot my an offer.

i have other wants over here --> click on this
mostly just want Groudon stuff and Sylveon talky but if you got anyything i want i would be interested.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. i DID get a shiny genesect pokedoll yesterday, i bought it from a seller over in Japan. took a while to get him but i'm glad he made it..though i did notice he was...a bit off. I wish i had taken a picture. xD But one of his legs had been completely sewn on backwards! I was pretty confused how it managed to make it out of the factory, onto the shelves, and into the hands of my seller with a derp leg, but..fortunately it was an easy fix! I managed to unstitch it and safely sew it back on.
has anyone else had an obvious defect in any of your (official) plush? Defects in factory rejects/bootlegs make sense, but actually getting one from the store that way baffles me. xD
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