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First Gets, Excitement, and a Question

Hello community! I have been a part of the community for around two months now, and I have had so much fun. Lots of stuff has been mailed my way so I thought I would share a bit. Click the link to read on.

First up, is a package from PokeVault. I heard that there was a small sale on school supplies, which opened the perfect opportunity to snag a few things. I also managed to sneak my order in before the site closed for a bit, which was pretty nice. xD


Natu is helping me open this package today.
*Fun Fact: Natu was my first ever purchase off of LJ. Seeing him up for sale was what made me finally join*


What do you have there Natu?


A Vaporeon clearfile! I knew I wanted this as soon as I saw it on the comm. What I love most about it is the Vaporeon on the back (the right picture.)


Another clearfile? You bet! This one is from the Pokemon Time promotion and features Venusaur. I think the sleeping Venu on the back is really cute. :D


I also spotted this Venusaur tin, also from the Pokemon Time promo. It's pretty small, but neat because it can hold little trinkets. The top also slides open instead of popping off which is nice, and it came with ramune candies!

Next up are a few things I bought from around the comm.


Here we have a Bulbasaur pencil case. I bought it because the Bulbasaur is too adorable! Bulbasaur's japanese name is Fushigidane, and Venusaur's japanese name is Fushigibana, so I think it's saying "Bulba".

Does anyone know if this is from a specific promotion? It is not dated, so I don't know if it's old or new.

The stickers were also thrown in for me as a little bonus!


I love finding plushes to put on my bed, and when I saw this guy I had to get him! Pikachu's from the I <3 Pikachu series, and is incredibly soft! He sits next to my big Totoro, who also happens to be made from the same type of soft material.


The Lapras Pokedoll and I<3 Dragon Salamence are for my brother. They're two of his favorites!


Lastly, I received these Rumble U figures just yesterday. I really wanted a Bulbasaur figure, but didn't get too lucky on my pulls from Gamestop. I resorted to the community for that. I also failed in pulling a Genesect for my brother, but luckily there were plenty available here.

Whew, that was a long post.

With all the Bulbasaurs I got, I might as well start a collection. I think I will start doing that.

Is anyone else excited for the next set of Pokemon Time merch? I know I am.

Bulba 10th Anniversary Mug (2006)

Does anyone have any information on this mug? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

I found the picture off of a post that said that this stuff was from Pokemon's 10th Anniversary, but I am unsure if the mug was part of that promotion. There are apparently two other mugs with Charmander and Squirtle, but I haven't been able to find any pictures of them at all. There are no pictures of the three mugs together as a set either.

Thanks for reading such a long post!
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