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Hi folks! Long time no post. Today I'm bringing you guys some sales and auctions of some very rare items including shiny Pokes, Pearly/Clear TFG, and some RSE & DP Zukan. The auction start prices are very cheap with respect to rarity. Come check it out!


Shiny Turtwig Kid
I believe this guy was released in a box with some other Sinnoh 'mons during a mail-in lottery event in Japan. He's quite rare and definitely a crown jewel to any collection.
Starts at $10

Pearly Eevee TFG
Beautiful, beautiful figure for any vee collection! The reflective texture looks particuarly wonderful in sunlight.
Starts @ $15

Additional photos:

Clear Lugia TFG
If any item makes me want to start a Lugia collection, it's definitely this one! Just like Eevee, it looks absolutely brilliant in the sunlight.
Starts @ $10

Additional pics:


Lake Spirits Zukan
New in package. Note that it comes with the pegs, they're just not inserted in the photo.
$15 each / 2 available

Armalado Zukan
New in package. Beautifully detailed!
$25 each / 3 available

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