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Late Introduction Post

Hi community! Today I decided to make an introduction post which I never came round to making when I first started. My name is Rhys and I am from Singapore. I love pokemon and my favourite pokemon is piplup. I've been around since August this year(not very long...I know) and I enjoy being here. It is really fun. I bought a whole bunch of stuff and my collection has grown. I mainly collect piplup but occasionally other adorable pokemon and of course, POKEDOLLS!
So here is my collection(sorry for crappy pics):
My pokemon collection
These are my plushes, mainly pokedolls.
These are my figures, tomy and battle museum figures.
photo (1)
And here is my piplup collection! I know it is really small compared to others but I got almost all this stuuf from the community.
Thanks for looking everyone! By the way, I'm looking for a piplup pokedoll, minky japanese version with at least tush tag(though hang tag is better). I would prefer it to be mint rather than loved. Thanks.
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