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First Noppin gets! Major Grail!

Hello everyone! I hope everybody is well and is having a fun time with their collections. Today I bring some exciting news to you, I am finally starting to use Noppin and yesterday my first box from them came in! I would have done a photostory but it was dark by the time I got home and I was way too excited to wait until today for some daylight. Anyways, below the cut is some pictures of what I received yesterday including a MAJOR GRAIL I have been looking for! Images are fairly big BTW.

These were in a huge Full Color Stadium lot I won. These guys are the extras I have and they will be up for sale as soon as I decide to start selling stuff.
These are the guys from that lot I will be keeping. The Haunter I kept for my BF's Haunter family collection.
This figure is the whole reason I bought The figure lot in the first place. It is so hard to find this Mr. Mime figure and almost impossible to find him with the clear Barrier wall. I find this figure especially cool because of the Barrier. Not many of you may know this but I do have a small side collection of Mr. Mimes! *u*
104_1536 104_1537
Horsea grabber figure! I've only seen one other picture of this guy before and I fell in love with the figure design. He's actually pretty big and squishy. Near his tail is a thing you can squeeze that opens his fins and when you let go he will grab onto things! Not sure what the purpose of that is but he is super cute! :D
This is a ceramic pot with an Oddish on it. From what I've researched there was a couple of these pots as Gashapon toys. The originals came with seeds that you could plant in the pots. That's whay it says Mini Carrot on the side. I had to have this item because of it's original Oddish artwork on it that I haven't seen anywhere else.
104_1534 104_1535
The I <3 Marine Mantine plush. Since Generation II Came out I have wanted Mantine to get his own plushie, so needless to say I was ecstatic when I found out he was finally getting one. This plush is absolutely gorgeous, very well made, and is super soft! I've seen a lot of people here on the community getting one and if you don't have one already I highly suggest purchasing one! He's amazing. The only thing I'm not crazy about though is that they used that plastic-leather-paint stuff as the darker blue on his fins and nowhere else.
Smoochum Pokemon Time sticker. Look at those gorgeous golden accents on this artwork! I was very happy to have found this sticker because of how rare it is.
Clear Froslass Kid! Look at this lovely lady! She was my first purchase on Noppin. I love clear Kids and the frosted white of her body looks so beautiful.
GRAIL ALERT!!! This is the clear version of the first release Jynx Kids figure. This girl is the reason I created a Noppin account in the first place! A clear Jynx Kids figure has been eluding me for a long time so you can imagine how excited I was when I finally found one for sale. I'm so, so happy to have this figure in my possession!
You are probably wondering why her dress is orange. That is because the first released Jynx Kids figure was miscolored as orange. The creators were probably using this Ken Sugimori art (pictured below) to create the figure. The dress looks to be slightly orange.

Thanks for reading! I wish everybody the best of luck with their collections! I'm super excited for X and Y and I can't wait to see a MegaJynx and MegaVileplume! I'm currently working on my collection website and I will have an update of my entire collection as soon as I've finished it!
Until next time!~
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