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Someone has a Sylveon addiction problem

 photo 9936b872-75de-4b62-8b5b-c40235c75069_zps11c8d564.jpg

Come see all the fluffy pink cuteness! :)

Also in this post, some latias and minccino cuteness! <33

I'll start off with my big box of gets because I've been so excited!! It was actually perfect!

So I've been working and schooling with basically no days off and my classes are hard and work has been really busy so this week was really getting me down (sorry for all the whining xD it's not so bad but I had to preface my story with it!) So this week started off really bad and it felt like it wasn't going to end, but then I actually got a day off! And guess what came on my day off <3!

 photo finallyupdate001_zpsa9646498.jpg

Macaron thought I was looking a little down so he brought me giant packages of wonderful!! <3

 photo finallyupdate002_zps1692a26a.jpg

This top package was from the wonderful Kitzune! Thankyou so so much again for fueling my addiction xD
I'm so glad to have these items, they're all so unique and wonderful :D and she even made me the sweetest little not that now proudly hangs out with my minccino collection <333

 photo finallyupdate007_zps3ec48942.jpg

Firstly is this towel! I wasn't really sure what it was when I got it..but it looks like you put a hot pack in it and wrap it around your neck!

 photo finallyupdate003_zps615440a0.jpg

Have an awful picture as an example! Also you can't see my face because it was national perpetual bedhead day if you were me, which I am.

 photo finallyupdate004_zps9f41ddbc.jpg

Macaron however believes it's more of a fashion statement

Or a ninja scarf

 photo finallyupdate008_zps74844a7e.jpg

I love these items, the plush keychain is really soft on the back <333 and SO cute
and the rubix cube is just really awesome and unique! Except my girlfriend feels the need to try and mess it up and see if I can fix it...I won't let her because I could never fix it probably...and then I'd cry xD

 photo finallyupdate006_zpsfdddc230.jpg

Adorable stamp of adorableness! <3 AND now I have an inkpad!!! Since I have like 50 stamps but no inkpad because I fail xD

 photo finallyupdate010_zps528cf845.jpg
 photo finallyupdate011_zps0ed9ee06.jpg

Adorable little bottle holder, atleast I think thats what it is :D

 photo finallyupdate009_zps488b3db5.jpg

Orrr a tiny sylveon holder! <3

 photo finallyupdate012_zpsf589fe77.jpg

And a sweet little necklace :) SO cute <3

What an amazing package!!
But wait theres more!!!

 photo finallyupdate023_zps0c6d6aa5.jpg

I got a lot of neat flats from FJ!! <333

 photo finallyupdate024_zpse85263f8.jpg

Suuuuper duper stoked about this can badge! I didn't think I'd ever actually get one, as everyone has said. Blind pulls = no luck! But I got it on FJ and I almost panicked when I saw it! It has a pretty matte finish and it's just gorgeous :)

 photo finallyupdate025_zps44f1508c.jpg

Another one of those items you buy and your like "Hmmmm, I wonder what this is."

 photo finallyupdate026_zps6f476c69.jpg

Cute little hand towel! I super love how pretty it is, and I love the box it came in :) definitly glad I went for it <3

 photo finallyupdate027_zpsa70ff81d.jpg

 photo finallyupdate028_zpse5806a57.jpg

Got the Pizza la chu bowl! Loves me some sylveon dinnerware :) and it looks pretty cute with my sylveon party time glasses <3

 photo finallyupdate021_zps2cee741a.jpg

Sylveon knows she's fabulous bee-otches
xD <3

 photo finallyupdate020_zps92e60b3d.jpg

 photo finallyupdate019_zps315d9f8a.jpg

Sylveon clearfile and its gorgeous on BOTH sides

I don't know which side to display it on, oh the woes of being a collector!!

 photo finallyupdate013_zpsa812cd53.jpg

Super cute fan made doujin!! I might have been most excited about this because I wasn't sure what'd be on the inside...and I was super excited to read it!!


 photo finallyupdate015_zpsbd71fd04.jpg

I forgot I can't read Japanese!
:D But the pictures are super cute!!

 photo finallyupdate016_zps699d5de0.jpg

 photo finallyupdate018_zps62b86b63.jpg

 photo finallyupdate014_zps26189a99.jpg

From what I can tell everyone is in love with sylveon and she's like whatever you guys I love myself. I love it xDD <3

If anyone want's to see more pictures I'd love to get some, theres little panels of her interacting with all the eeveelutions :)
it's SO cute <3

Actually theres an umbreon page I'd like to be translated if someone is interested in helping :D

 photo finallyupdate031_zps088854f8.jpg

ACK! not a sylveon!? I actually got this little (or well actually pretty big!) fellow on a whim and I fell so hard in love with him when I opened the box, he was in with all my other FJ stuff! He is the softest sweetest minccino I have <333 His name is Dunkin' <333 He is too precious and probably my favorite minccino plush EVER. Besides his big sister Pumpkin, who is a lifesize plush :D

 photo finallyupdate029_zps1c39f8dc.jpg

And of course!! I could pass this guy up <3 these I <3 marine plusheis are so well made he is SO soft, if oyu're on the fence about getting one of it! Jump the fence! They're so worth it :)

 photo finallyupdate030_zps5bc662b2.jpg

Obligatory squees for lil'raid <3

 photo finallyupdate043_zpsebe47e53.jpg
 photo finallyupdate044_zps9089a08e.jpg

Got this little sweetie from Animeraro today!! Oh my gosh she is just so precious I could die <3 MPC plushies are so well made for there size, and her little teethies! Just D'awwww :)
Her name is Gumdrop!

 photo finallyupdate046_zps751f0a9f.jpg

And I got some stamps from Pokebox! I lvoe the art on top so much I could resist getting a few! And theres two different stamp designs for sylveon! I forgot to get a picture of them though! Sorry~ Maybe I'll update later :)

 photo salesandupdatesgalore013_zpsc0c382e4.jpg

And A package I got from a comm memeber! Another beautiful clearfile and a different pressed coin! I feel so lucky to have both styles of the pressed coin now :D I was worried they'd be way hard to get a hold of!

 photo salesandupdatesgalore015_zps3ec5e0ab.jpg

Pressed coin sexiness!

 photo salesandupdatesgalore001_zpsc8c5305c.jpg

And these beautiful custom pins and a beautiful sketch of sylveon from one of our lovely comm members! These are so beautiful <333

also some rumble U figures, because all the cool kids are doing it!

 photo salesandupdatesgalore002_zps8dbba501.jpg

Gorgeous <3333

 photo salesandupdatesgalore003_zps790fdeec.jpg

I love this style for sylveon I'm dying! <3

 photo salesandupdatesgalore005_zps2bc5ea65.jpg

 photo salesandupdatesgalore007_zps926a82dc.jpg

Also a package I got from kitzune a while ago! I've been waiting a while to do this update! xD
I love this cup the colors are so pretty, and you can see my failed attempt at the sylveon can badge xD but I love the cookies and the cookie bag is cute so it's all good!! <3

and more rumble U figures because I have a problem

 photo salesandupdatesgalore019_zps2f30a9f5.jpg

Sylveon sticker goodness! <3

speaking of rumble U

 photo salesandupdatesgalore023_zps88e06d7c.jpg

 photo salesandupdatesgalore024_zps6ea8037d.jpg

 photo salesandupdatesgalore027_zps2b30c3d6.jpg

We bought a whole box in attempts to get a shiny

We didn't get one but it was fun opening them all and now we have a box which is cool and nice for displaying more stuff :D!!

 photo moresalesandsylveons001_zps3c7c6337.jpg

Got the ippais! They're so cute and I love that sylveon got TWO different poses <3
so sweet >u<

 photo moresalesandsylveons003_zps36912db0.jpg

And extra stickers means pimp my DS time :D!

 photo salesandupdatesgalore018_zps04b89296.jpg

 photo salesandupdatesgalore016_zps0e2ece33.jpg

Some non sylveons!!
Got some new quil babies <3 I love that typhlosion kid so much, he just looks so docile compared to normal <3 it's cute he looks like a big bear

And that big headed umbreon omg >u< <333

 photo sylveonfjbox006_zps05b5ba72.jpg

And the new figures! These are so well made :D Umbreon looks perpetually freaked out though xDD I love it! And Sylveon looks soooo happy :D I love all these dynamic poses

Also I couldn't resist keeping eevee and flareon and pikachu! These figures are just too amazing :)

 photo salesandupdatesgalore017_zps6e464a16.jpg

 photo moresalesandsylveons005_zps92276a2b.jpg

 photo moresalesandsylveons007_zps370203be.jpg

More umbreons! My little dark eevee baby
I love how many of the figures look so scared...I wonder what they see that we don't


probably all the pink that is sylveon

Also while I was reorganizing my collection this weekend I took this picture, it's not really relevant to anything but it's cute

 photo salesandupdatesgalore028_zps98d3e9d3.jpg

Baby and mama amphy xD <3

 photo salesandupdatesgalore012_zpsd76b5b21.jpg

Also got this from a comm member, I've pined after this little latias girly for a while! So happy to finally have her, these figures are gorgeous and the latias one is EXTRA gorgeous <3333

And to end this post I'll let you tour my sylveon collection, I'm really proud of it and it makes me really happy c: so I hope you enjoy~ <3

 photo finallyupdate042_zpsaeb271c8.jpg

 photo finallyupdate040_zpsc6373f5c.jpg

 photo finallyupdate039_zps20b7d988.jpg

 photo finallyupdate038_zps184c0632.jpg

 photo finallyupdate037_zps2a444976.jpg

 photo finallyupdate036_zps78ede7fe.jpg

 photo finallyupdate035_zps37bdb62c.jpg

 photo finallyupdate034_zps34159fae.jpg

 photo finallyupdate033_zpsfc21597f.jpg

 photo finallyupdate032_zpsdfc72fc4.jpg

Also an update to everyone I've sold stuff too recently!
I didn't get to ship on friday or today like I wanted to because of work, but I WILL ship all items out on monday! :) thanks for your patience! <3

and if you want to catch my shipping day check out my sales here!

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