princesspichu (princesspichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

card wants + a rumble u figure question!

Hello comm!
My boyfriend's a serious Pokémon card collector and he recently discovered some sets he'd be really interested in collecting and I'd like to try to help him by looking for some of these cards here!

They are:
- Reverse Holos from the Legendary Collection
- SkyRidge
- Neo Destinies
- Aquapolis (I think that's how you spell it....)

So if you happen to have any cards from these sets, let me know and we'll work something out! (He'd prefer to buy cards in lots ^^)

I'm planning to buy a box of rumble u figures (I can't help myself T-T), but I was wondering, can I ask for an unsealed box and how many figures come in a box?

Thanks in advance! I'll be doing a collection update soon, I'm just waiting for a few more packages :]

(If there's anything wrong with my post, I apologize and I'll fix it right away! ^^')
Tags: cards, figures
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