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Introduction - Yuri!


I just joined this community, I´m aiming for an sale permission in a month or two! I´m not really good with these kind of introduction posts, but let´s give it a try!

My name is Ulricke, but please call me Yuri. I´m a Norwegian girl at the age of 22, living in Tokyo.
Here I´m living the dream, while I study to become fluent in the one of the languages and cultures I love most in this world.

[More under cut]I have been a big Pokemon fan since I was a child. Always been playing their Nintendo games and I still do. A few years back I was an active player in the TCG community, but I stopped completely when I moved to another city. I miss it every now and then, but I try to make up for it by playing online even though it lacks the social aspects of the game. I have been to a store tournament here in Tokyo, but it´s quite different from what I remembered it to be in Norway.

My passion for Pokemon has not faded over the years, and it has only grown stronger after I moved to Japan. After all it´s here Pokemon was created and it´s always tons of fun going to the Pokemon Center! Japanese people are way more accepting of liking Pokemon at an adult age. Even if you are a 30year old office man playing Pokemon in the lunch break, that´s fine. I don´t know how it´s in your countries and how other girls feel it, but I have always found it to be a little awaked meeting new people as a blond, white and blue eyed girl when it comes to Pokemon. Sometimes people think I´m mocking them when I say I have an interest in Pokemon too.

Beside Pokemon I have a burning passion for animals and pets. I don´t know what I will do with my life later on, but I hope I can work with animals in any kind of way. I usually have way more patent and love for animals than I have with humans as their hearts are pure and unconditionally loving. Naturally fashion is a big part of my life too! I love dresses, pink, sparkly and girly stuff. I guess some people would describe me as an nicely dressed, childish girl with a big obsession over animals and Pokemon.

Ah! I almost forgot, my favourite Pokemon is Eevee and Eeveelutions with the Mareep family on second place :)

I think that should be enough for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask or visit my webpage/blog for more info.

Pokemon Center 10 July_19
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