fruitmania34 (fruitmania34) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New to the comm and New to collecting! Plus some collecting questions.

Hello everyone! I'm a brand new pokemon collector but a long time pokemon fan. I've actually been lurking here for about a month, but decided to join a couple of days ago after seeing everyone's Amazing collections and wanting one of my own!

My favorite region would have to be Sinnoh, although Kanto is a close second. My absolute favorite pokemon types are ghosts and poisons, although there are a few other pokemon I absolutely love as well! My top ten favorites, in no particular order, would have to be Gengar, Venonat, Luxray, Drifloon, Starmie, Litwick, Oddish, Natu, Leafeon and Inkay! These Pokemon are probably the ones I'll be collecting and looking for the most! :3

Also, since I'm literally brand new to collecting, forgive me if I have a few noobish questions before I make my wants post! My main questions before I list my wants is: what's the difference between Tomy's, Kids, Clear Kids, and Zukans? Both in terms of size, and in price? Thank you to anyone who helps me differentiate between these figures! :D
Tags: introductions
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