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Tutorial - How to protect cards from bending in the mail

Hello guys :) Today I wanted to make a tutorial for those who are new at sending cards in the mail such as TCG. Maybe someone made a trade or sold a card in the past and they didn't know how to protect it from bending during transit. Or maybe someone would like to know another way to do it. Hope this helps to those who needed it lol

Materials needed:
1. Envelope of any kind
2. Scissors
3. Clear Tape (Duck Tape is a very good choice of tape, is cheaper (around $1). You can find it at Walmart)
4. Penny Sleeve/Soft Sleeve for cards
5. Toploader or a piece of light cardboard
6. Pen and/or Permanent Marker
7. Piece of paper you wanted to trash but you can use with this lol

First of all we will put the card(s) inside a penny sleeve (you can put up to 3-4 cards inside the same soft sleeve). Later on you will put the card(s) inside a Toploader:

We have our card(s) protected. Now we will write the address of the person who bought or traded with us in a piece of paper. That piece of paper will go inside the Toploader too. The reason behind this is, that if for some magical reason the envelope gets open, the individual working with the mail will know to who the item belongs to. When we are finished with that, we will cut a piece of tape and attach it on top of the toploader. That way the items inside will not get out during transit.

pokemontrader says:
When putting card(s) in a toploader:

1. Don't put more than 3-4 as then they can get damaged being pulled out.
2. When taping a toploader shut, use a small piece of paper, so tape doesn't stick to the actual cards for whatever reason.

Next we will cut 2 pieces of tape and put them on both sides of the toploader (if you see my finger you will notice the piece of tape).

And we will place the toploader inside our envelope, in the middle. The toploader is supposed to not move from there thanks to the pieces of tape on both sides of the toploader.

ubi_chan says:
I also recommend including a postcard / post card size piece of cardboard or paper so the toploader won't move too much inside the letter! : )

If you don't have money to spend or don't have time to go and buy some, I recommend using a piece of light cardboard (cereal boxes come in handy for this). Just put the card(s) and address inside the soft sleeve and put tape on all the sides with the cardboard behind.

If you don't have both of them I recommend cutting 2 pieces of light cardboard, place the card(s) inside of it and then put tape on all the cardboard sides.)

We shall put tape on the back where the envelope closes. Later on we will write our address and destiny address (if the pen has a soft point like Sharpie pens) and put more tape around all the sides of the envelope.

caddieneko says:
I do recommend though addressing the envelope beforehand so the press of the pen doesn't press into the card.

In the middle areas:

And the finishing touch, write with a permanent marker "Please Do Not Bend"

kyogres says:
You can also write "hand cancel" on the envelope, which will cause the envelope to be sorted by hand rather than running it through the post office sorting machines (which have been known, on occasion, to mangle envelopes). However, I think it costs an extra 15-20 cents.

risha_moon says:
You will most likely have to take the envelope to the post office to get weighed since it will probably cost more than a regular stamp. I have had to pay for postage when people just sent an envelope with a stamp on it.

Trust me, the cards will arrive in perfect shape, yes or yes haha

Hope it helps for those who need it :) If you have any questions please ask. Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!
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