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Another overdue gets post!

Three weeks late this time... not too bad for me I guess. Prepare your butts for lots of text and pictures...and steel clad bugs.

Hoo! Where do I begin? At the beginning? Ya okay.

Some pretty nifty stuff came in around the end of August. Very happy to get those movie charms, but most especially the flight form Red Genesect pull back keychain.  I wasn't expecting him to come in a box! Also nabbed the Pokecenter charm, and the TCG campain pack with the alternate Red Gen promo. Sadly I didn't get any good pull sin may packs. Can't win 'em all. X)
Rotom is just there cause... ROTOM! I fully intend on getting all the little electric poltergeists, but I think Wash makes the best plush. Plus he fits nicely into my Achroma collection.

More Genesects? Yes please! Terribly yellow lighting? ew.
Here you can see the keychain out of the box. He's super cute, but I really don't understand why he's a keychain. Thankfully it can be removed if you want to play and watch it zoom around, however it still leaves a nub on his butt. *shrugs*  The movie medal is awesome, but not very photogenic (read: I'm too lazy to go get my real camera and make it look nice). It's got Mewtwo on the back <3
The ball chain Gashapon figure thingy is really nice. I'm guessing this is the Shock Drive one, but it's hard to tell when a lot of Genesect's normal drives are painted more yellow that orange.. -_-;  Would like to get the others, as I really like how he can stand on his own without any fuss.  Dat pose figure though, so big and loveable, I can't wait to get my mitts on the purple one.
Tissue pack and die were buys from enshogirl, so thank you very much. IDKY I'm so enamored with the tissue pack, I guess it just reminds me of when I was younger. I love weird things like that.

Ignore the Rumble U mess. Check out these cool dudes!
I know by now everyone and their electric rodent has seen the Pokemon Fan Mewtwo and Genesect Zukan, but I did get the mag, and here they are in all their totally beauteous glory.  I had a bit of trouble getting THIS Genesect attatched to the base, but I finally figured it out, haha.  The clear Mewtwo kid that came with them is amazing too. SO much, it needed a parner - the Namco promo clear Genesect kid. Gyaaas! Of course now theres a Red one too! DX

Hey, speaking of Mewtwo! The pose figure is also rad. I did buy a box of them due to interest from friends ( though oddly enough I dont' know anyone interested in Sylveon.. >_>), so I figured I'd nab myself a Mewtwo, since i've always been a little more than fond of the psychic experiment. It's a lot more pink than i was expecting, and can't stand up on it's own, but I still love.
Had a little Rumble U Kyurem exchange with zora_star to get my hands on Black Kyurem there. Hope you're enjoying your white one! :)
And I finally, finally got my hands on the B2W2 Quiz book. Whew! Majorly important to my main collections - Achroma and Genesect. Definitely one of my favorite items, since it's based on my favorite games and the illustrations are just amazing. <3  In order to pick up said book, I did have to make an extra trip to Kinokuniya in NYC. That of course means a trip to Nintendo World...

...where I finally picked up a Resolute Keldeo Pokedoll! Been eyeing him for quite some time, but there was always a boatload of stuff I wanted more. My trip wasn't simply for a plushie and a book though!  I got to meet up with the uber adorable leyluna for the first time since the BW2 pre-release! We traded some Rumble U figures and derped around the store for a bit and fawned over the Xerneas/Yveltal 3DS XLs on display! I may be incredibly introverted, but I appreciate hanging out so much! <3
Oh... Escavalier and Eelektross MPCs came with some other stuff... just uhh... ignore them... >_>

Was one of the figures traded to me a Gensesect? Pshh... of course it was! I also got a derpy cannon Genesect from miss10. I think the defect makes him cute.
Akai Genosekuto came from trading polahbear my shiny Pikachu. Definitely worth it to me, I love him a ton.
I eventually want to paint their drives, even if they won't show in the game like that. X) Having these little Genesects all over the place makes me smile.

Winding down this post a bit, I got the reservation cards for XY at Target cause of the neat little pins, I wasn't planning to because I missed the cards for BW2... but PINS! Totally worth the $1 each.

Last item... closing out the BW2 Pokemon league season, my badge case is finally complete! Very nice, I hope they do the same sort of thing for XY. This has been my favorite League season by far. It's been fun, Unova.

I also have a rather peculiar want, and I don't know if anyone will be able to help me.  You know the Japanese TCG Team Plasma Powered Deck? The one with the Klinklang card and Colress on the box? Yeah, well I'm not looking for the deck, but rather the BIG case BOX that 6 decks came in.  I know it has Colress on one of the sides, and It is giving me a major headache to track down. It's especially annoying knowing how many have been thrown away. *sigh*

Plus! I've updated my sales page with Mewtwo and Sylveon Pose figures,
as well as my Rumble U leftovers!

( Check that out right over here! )

That's all for now!  Gotta start saving for that Xerneas/Yveltal XL!
(while getting murdered by non-Pokemon grails... D=)
~Spectre out!

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