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Gargantuan wants post: Any help appreciated!

Hello, community! I come here today with a gigantic wants post:

I’ve listed every item/ pokemon with a “max price shipped”, which is about how much I’m willing to pay for that item after shipping. This price isn’t set in stone; it’s just there to give you a general idea about how much I’m willing to pay for an item. So, for example, if I have a max price of “$5 shipped” for a figure, and you have it available for 6 dollars shipped, I might still be open to buying that item, depending on the condition of said item, and just how much I want it. However, if said item is actually going for $20 shipped, please understand that I definitely won’t be interested! For a general estimate of shipping, I live in the USA, and you can PM me for my zip code, if needed. :)

Also, I have to warn you in advance that since I’m new to collecting, I may have listed an item’s price as way too low or way too high. I’ve done my best to research about how much each item / figure is worth, but I’m only human and I may have messed up! If you think I’ve listed an item at a ridiculously low price, please don’t hesitate to tell me, and I will either alter my “max price shipped” or just delete the item from my wants post, depending on the price said item is really worth. And please, don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s a figure on here whose max price I’ve listed too high! xD Although I doubt that’ll be much of an issue, since almost every item on this list is a kid or other small figure, which I believe usually don’t go for more than a few dollars, anyway. ;) But please, tell me if I’m wrong.

Most of the items listed below are figures and kids, with the exception of the first two, which are my grails. If there’s any pokemon you see listed here that you have other figures or cool merchandise of and are willing to sell, please feel free to advertise them to me!

Oh, also, if any of these images belong to you and you don’t want me to use them, don’t hesitate to let me know; I will delete and replace them ASAP! Or if they belong to you and you are okay with me using them: thank you very much :D

If you see any pokemon or item on here that someone else is selling, it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me to the sale or auction! But please, absolutely no Yahoo Japan!

Shinx, Luxray

Smaller nonshiny UFO Luxray plush, Banpresto
Maximum price: $ 50, or $55 shipped

MY GRAIL. MY ABSOLUTE GRAIL. I want this baby so so so so so sooooo badly, but whenever I see him on ebay he goes for somewhere in the triple digits :/

I realize that I’ll probably never get this beauty for the price I’m asking for, but I can hope. My heart and soul want this with every single fiber of my being, but my brain absolutely refuses to justify me spending more than half a hundred dollars on a plush, regardless of how rare and beautiful it is. :( If anyone’s willing to sell me this baby, know that he’d be going to a loving home and would be treated with the absolute warmth, love, and respect that such a lion king deserves! <3

Also, if anyone has any idea if it's possible to get this plush for the price I'm willing to pay, please please let me know so that I won't give up hope! :D


Larger shiny UFO Luxray plush, Banpresto
Maximum price: $30 shipped

My Other Grail! This little guy (actually, he’s more of a big guy) is the reason I joined pkmnCollectors in the first place! I was emailing someone who had one of these, and he/she suggested that I look at either Yahoo Japan or at this site. Yahoo Japan was a big no no for me, so I decided to join up here instead! This little big cat is absolutely adorable. I love him, but again, I don’t think I’ll ever get him for a price I’m willing to pay for him. But hey, I can always hope ^_^’ !

Now moving on to figures!


Shinx and Luxray kids
Maximum price: $5 shipped for both, or $2.50 shipped each

I think the Shinx kid pictured here is clear (it’s kind of hard to tell), but I actually prefer the non-clear versions of kids. :3


Venonat only: Maximum price is $3 shipped

I have no idea what this Venonat figure is, but it’s freaking adorable. :o Does anyone have any additional information about this figure?

Max is $2 shipped


Does anyone know what kind of Leafeon figure this is?
Max is $5 shipped

Feel free to offer me other Leafeon figues as well, but my max price is the same. :)

Gengar, Haunter, and Gastly

I love this scene from the anime with all of my heart ^^

I’m looking for almost any figure related to these three ghosties. Emphasis on almost any! Please don’t be offended if you offer me a figure from this evolutionary line and I reply that I don’t like it; I can definitely be a bit picky at times. Sorry! :p Max is $3 each, or $9 total shipped for the entire line

I’m especially interested in collecting Gastly and Gengar, so the more of those I can find, the better!

Oddish. Gloom, and Vileplume


Again, I’m fine with almost any figure related to these three. And again, emphasis on almost any! Max is $2 each shipped, or $6 shipped for the entire line

Natu, Xatu
Natu and Xatu kids: Max is $2 shipped each, or $4 total

Staryu, Starmie

The Staryu and Starmie figures in the back row (with the blue stands): Max is $1 for Staryu and $3 for Starmie, or $4 total shipped

Sorry, I’m not interested in the metal ones!


AaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHHHhhhhh this is the most adorable kid in existence!!!!
Max is $3 shipped

Dat tongue.
Max is $2 shipped.
Feel free to offer me any other Litwick figures, as well!

There’s just something about this figure that's so sweet. I think it’s that smile, so happy and carefree! :D Max is $2 shipped; it’s the kid on the right that I’m looking for. I’m not interested in the one on the left, which I think is a Jakks Pacific.

Lower Priority Wants:

These are Pokemon whose figures I do want, but not enough to go above a maximum price of ~$1 after shipping, no matter what. I’m not too picky about exactly what kind of figure they are, but I do want them to be self-standing, and of course in good condition. I realize asking only a dollar for any of these after shipping may be a bit too low, so if anyone has several of these figures for sale and is willing to combine shipping on them, please let me know!:

- Jigglypuff
- Clefairy
- Bellsprout
- Victreebell
- Arbok
- Weezing
- Blastoise
- Wartortle
- Typhlosion
- Quilava
- Cyndaquil
- Roserade
- Staraptor
- Togekiss
- Empoleon
- Piplup
- Torchic
- Snorlax

A big thank you to anyone who can help me find any item on this list, and a big thank you just for taking the time to read my post!
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