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Introduction, the sequel! Alfiedawg's collection and an utterly OUTSTANDING get~!

Alright, due to more of my collection is in storage- I got maybe... I'm unsure just how much is in storage-? Maybe this is 25%-50% of it, not including games/shirts/fan made items/hand made items/things in storage/things somewhere, over the rainbow in THIS HOME--- but yes! Here is what I could gather~! Since a few requested to see, I tried to takie a few snap shots with my rather crappy 3DS camers- {being the only actual camera I own- |||orz} Welp, here we go!


Also! I got the most AMAZING get recently!
Something I've been wanting for the LONGEST time...

Lil Elliot here is excited to meet his new friend-
Everything can be seen under the snipity snip below~!

I mainly collect certain Pokemon, mainly ones on my team even. I even name them after the team members. For example; Vaporeon is Kenji, Raichu is Momo, Arcanine is Fuma, Giratina is Anibus, Whimsicott is Fluffy, Flygon is Xion, Deerling/Sawsbuck is Elliot! And so on and so forth~! I love how many people name different versions of the characters, but when it's my team I just have a collection of that one Pokemon entirely. If that makes sense- |D In other words I have a load of Elliots, and if I collect not in my team then they do not have a name- but I really wanna name them. ;x; I am interested in getting more items of Whimsicott, Female!Hippowdon, Bouffalant, Litleo/Pyroar and a few others. I do have more, but sadly most is in storage... The lot you see here is going into storage as well. We are renovating my room currently so these are my group pics to say bye to them. For now- ;u; They shall return to me once my room has been replastered where the leak was, repainted and I am considering getting different furniture {especially better ones to hold my collectibles-} so say hi and bye to the ones I could find-! ;w;

Much of my collection I have had for a long time, gotten further in the past... Items I've kept from my youth. My collection has expanded thanks to here and occasionally Ebay! ;ω; I owe everyone here a thank you for the help-<333


I am sorry the photos are not perfect, due to the 3DS is hard to take good photos... |||orz
I have a variety of official, non official, bootleg, fan made and even custom made Poke items.
I am mainly collecting Totodile, due to he is my favorite! As I said, I try to collect mainly my party, but sadly I do not have loads of certain Pokes-! I would also love to collect certain Pokemon and merch from certain things. I only have /ONE/ item from my favorite version of merch, The Poke Cafe items! Featuring the monkeys- I adore the merch so much... But I only have postcards of it... I would be more than willing to get my hands on every single item from said collection! I adore it so- ASdfdsf- Poke Cafe is my favorite gym, the idea is just so cool! Cafes are truly some of the most awesome places, it's something I quite enjoy visiting. I loved this one called 'Rainforest Cafe' and miss it dearly, it closed by my so I no longer have one... Cafe items are also really nice, I kind of want to theme my room after a cafe. Idk call me crazy-! XD My Pokemon collection is just one of many I have. My biggest current collection is my Hetalia one; I have a nearly complete America one and some items of other characters and items that feature all characters. That is my main passion, but Pokemon truly means a lot to me. Another huge collection I have is Digimon, I mainly collect Gabumon and Garurumon. I collected many Yamato/Matt related items as well, but sadly my collection is not as big as I wish it would be. I do have loads of items, almost every item that came out in America as well as many from Japan soils, but there are not as much Digimon stuff of those Digimon as say there is of certain Pokemon! ;ω; I have many cds, posters, plushes, figures, cards and many more of Digimon, but recently I have placed it all in storage. That is where this lil group of Pokes is now going... Not because I dislike! Not at all- but so they will be safe and sound~! <3 Ah I already miss everyone- |||orz I still have items in this house some where I need to find... My closet is just loaded with boxes and unmarked Idek where I put many things... Blah-! I do have a drawer full of fan made items! Including buttons, stickers, drawings, badges, pins and many other things- I honestly need to get a better means to display... Recently I found out about an item at Ikea that is perfect, I just need to get rid of certain things and make room for it! ;ω;'

And here it is... My amazing get-!
Flygon's classic plush! Usually he goes for a lot of money, is really rare and something no one wants to give up-! So I thought that I would possibly never see one in my dear home. But when my mom and I were driving to H-mart for some groceries, we took the back roads and out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone was having a yard sale. I adore those but rarely get to go to them much... I wasn't gonna say anything but- I spotted HIM! Elliot just adores him too~!
Naturally I basically threw a spaz attack and screamed for my mom to pull over- We winded up a bit down the block but we still were able to go-! They had some ncie things but honestly, I was too flabbergasted and obsessed with adding another Xion to his collection! As apposed to paying almost 100 dollars!? I got him for... A... DOLLAR-! I-I couldn't BELIEVE IT! And honestly!?

He is in WONDERFUL condition! Just take a look---

HNI_0029 (1)
Sadly he has a battle scar, but honestly it's barely anything! Just a lil rip on his horns, it was barely noticeable! In fact I had to really look thoroughly to find it! It's easily fixable, honestly, and hardly an issue for me~! <333
I honestly gotta look for more around me in this case... I doubt they knew what they had, must have belonged to a lil kid and their parents wanted to get rid of it. Oh! That reminds me-
I also got this lil one~! Ain't he adorable!? I don't want em tho... Not something I collect, and I am gonna give him a lil gentle wash cause he's a bit dirty~<3 The poor lil guy! But I might auction him up one day if I get sales approval. Truth is? I am just unsure how much Dratini would be worth... It's an ol plush, so he might be worth a lot... Just... I wish I knew how much? Idk-! He is really small, about the size of Elliot up there, I am sure he is worth something though. Plus there must be someone looking for this lil one, and he would love a loving home~<3

I actually cannot wait to make a future post with a better displayed collection in it's entirety! And in hopes with even more gets! *
ω* But for now, I wanted to at least post what I could!

Also I have three questions;
Firstly, does anyone have a list of the... Pokemon Wii U figures? I don't have any of them and honestly, I am just curious to see what they did bring out... I don't have the game but I might want to get my hands on favorite Pokemon for my collection? ;ω; Secondly, does anyone know if there is much merch of Lt. Surge? I got his cards... Most of the Pokemon cards featuring him in the corner {like "Lt Surge's Pikachu, Lt Surge's Magneton, Lt Surge's Raichu, etc-} but I was wondering if there was any actual merch of him besides the cards? He's my favorite gym leader so--- I kinda wanna collect him too??? ;ω; Thirdly and kinda importantly, does anyone know if anyone is currently selling +Poke Box+'s charms-? The classic ones... She came out with newer ones but I am more interested in the older sets! Also I am trying to get my hands on her Rarity charm- |||orz It's sold out on her site... </3
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