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Altaria Pokedoll Auction + Grimer Pokedoll Question?

Hey everyone!~ I am auctioning my Altaria Pokedoll today. Click the cut for more info!

 photo af2652c2-b5b0-44ea-82f5-9690f9b28923_zps201b2884.jpg

 photo IMG_0473_zps96bd0093.jpg

 photo IMG_0474_zps598427d5.jpg

 photo IMG_0475_zps1804f914.jpg

-Sales Permission given on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is here
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA and do ship internationally.
-I try to use recycled packaging materials when I can to help save money for buyers.
-Once a package is shipped, I am not responsible for it. If you would like tracking and/or insurance, please let me know BEFORE paying.
-Payment must be made within 48 hours.
-Payment plans can be worked out. Please PM me if you'd like to discuss one <3

Auction will end on Thursday, September 19th at  7pm EST. Countdown timer here.

Altaria starts at $40, BIN $110. BIN remains valid once a bid is placed~ Thank you!

Okay, onto the second part of this post.. I received a Grimer Pokedoll today, but he feels... weird to me. I am worried he is a bootleg, and I am trying to compare photos online but just can't tell. ;.; I was wondering if the community could help me out on this one.

 photo IMG_0476_zps3565885c.jpg

 photo IMG_0477_zps718413c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0478_zps9a3716aa.jpg

 photo IMG_0479_zps8c0ef24b.jpg

 photo IMG_0480_zps8394708e.jpg

 photo IMG_0482_zpse8f5bca6.jpg

My three main concerns is that he has no "S" sticker but seems to be the American version by the text on the tush tag, his material feels just a little bit different, and he seems a little.. "light" on the stuffing. There's a few loose threads on the .. "mucky" parts as well, I don't know if that is typical of Grimer or not:

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, especially if you personally own a Grimer and can compare. Thank you!! <3
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