wutastic (wutastic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Pan and food merchandise?

Hey guys I have been pretty inactive for a while but that's because I'm now in Japan studying at Waseda University for the SILS program. I will be here for 6 months and plan on catching all the Pokemon!

Quick question to Japanese residents or anyone who has lived there, where can I find Pokemon Pan and other Pokemon food merchandise? There is a Santoku right across the street from my dorm and all I can find is Pokemon curry. Is there a specific market that carries more Pokemon food merchandise? The Santoku is kind of small-ish too but that may just be my opinion because I'm from America. I'm still unsure what is classified as large or small here. I live in Tokyo in Shinjuku (10min walk from Takadanobaba Station) if that helps at all.

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