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3ds xl fund raising sales ^_^

Hi I'll be selling some awesome school supplies for your poketastic School life! And got many other stuffs like sylveon talky plush,sableye 2009 halloween plush mwt and more! And I lowered the prices some items up to $10 off ! So please help me give them new homes for me to afford a 3ds xl yes very late on the bandwagon ha ha xD;;

-Sales permission granted on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-I will not sell to who are banned or do not trust me or I don't trust them ( I HATE conflicts period)
- I have recipets ! So if you think your pacakge is lost PLEASE ASK for proofs ! I will show the recipet !!!!!! ;)
So please ask for registered mail if your post office is terrible with mails
However I will try to compensate with partial refund (50% of the oringal vaule which mean not inculding shipping fee)
and we dont give out custom number only tracking number.
- I may be interested in trading. I collect altaria,glaceon,flareon,sylveon and just what seems cute to me xD;;
-Feedbacks :
-I'm planning to ship around 9/23~ will inform after I ship them

Sylveon talky plush $60 SHIPPED
Mewtwo pokedoll Mint with both tags attached $15
Vaporeon tomy plush Mint with both tags attached $25

Vaporeon pokedoll MIP $15

BW movie theme pencil case in mint condition back side has reshiram $9
Pokemon tea time eeveevelution pencil case $19
Pikachu pokedoll ball pen $9
Slowpoke tail mechanic pencil $12

eeveeultion card box $9
Vappy showed card sleeves MIP$12
Umbreon showed card sleeves MIP $12
Glaceon showed card sleeves MIP $12

Joltic stamp $1
Joltic with you pin $4
Sleeves $12
Joltic phone strap $15

Chupa chups figure espeon, leafeon, eevee $7
Charizard genesect $3
Vaporeon, eevee 2012 chupachups $15 each
Badge $7

Litwick LED light gently used works perfect just used it sometimes was on my shelves have the box $35

Sableye halloween plush 2009 MWT $40 OBO

Ippai eeveelution figures $6 each

All $7 each pikachu is free for any figure you buy from this set :)
Unavailable: sylveon, glaceon, flareon, vaporeon

Sylveon,Glaceon,Vaporeon,Umbreon pokemon center sitting plush $13 each

Leafeon tomy plush MWT $25 / Genesect Pokemon center plush $28 / Victini pokedoll MWT $23 / Totalile(?) laying tomy plush MWT $28

Vaporeon , Umbreon, Leafeon keychain plush MWT $19 each Eevee $15

Multi pouch eevee mansion MWT $15

Vaporeon jolteon figure MIB $13 EACH Eevee $12

Eevee hand towel MIP $7 Eevee pokedoll strap $9

Flareon Mug never used $20 / Pokemon ichiban kuji pokedoll bowl $6

First Row $19 each Second row $12 each Last row $12 each Gone: charizard dot spirt charm,vaporeon charm,dragonite charm

Mini Pokedoll MWT $15 each Gone: leafeon

Vaporeon mansion stamp $8 Vaporeon, dragonite badge $4 each Bulbasaur suction cup $5 Pachirisu tomy MIB $12

Sleeping clear NOT FOR SALE pachirisu tomy $40 OBO

Thank you everyone! Hope you have wonderful time and I will posting some fun posts like my fav stuffs or neat stuffs from my collection^o^

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