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Group Auction, PART II (Now even more convoluted than ever!)

OKAY GUYS. The last auction for the lotto items failed due to circumstances beyond our control, but this time we'll do our best to make it happen!

How we're going to do this is a group auction like last time. I'll post comments with what's available, and what you do is post the MAXIMUM amount you're willing to pay for that item. Highest offer when the auction ends in three days gets the item. Only bid if you are SURE you will be able to pay for this item when the time comes. I'll be relying on these bids to pay the portion of the item I can't afford, and how high the items go on this determines in part what my maximum bid will be. You will have about a week or so after the auction ends to pay. You can either pay right after the auction or at any time before I submit final payment in about a week, and it's up to you whether you want to pay shipping from me to you on the item now or when it arrives at my house. In the case of things being damaged/lost/whatever, we will figure out a solution. :) I'm a reliable seller who has been in this community since it began, I've bought and sold hundreds of things, so you can bid in confidence.

This is where it gets a little complicated.

There are two potential auctions to bid on, and they have different items in them. I will be bidding on the first one first with a lower maximum bid, and in the case I don't win that one, I'll bid on the second auction. Because they end just a few hours apart, we're just going to do this auction part as though we could win either auction, because that's the case. Certain items are in both lots, but there are a few items in only one lot or the other. Be aware that if you're bidding on one of those items, there's only a 50% chance you'll get them. Those items will be labeled as such.

That's about it, I think! Drop me a comment or a PM if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, etc.

I would also like to have someone as a designated back-up bidder (must have a deposit that allows you to bid up to around $200-250) in the unusual case that I have trouble with my account or something. If you end up taking the auction over because I can't bid, you'll be paid every dollar of what is owed and be rewarded with some free items or something as a thank you. :)

LOT 1 (ends first, lower max bid):


LOT 2 (ends second, higher max bid):


Here's where I'll post who is currently winning each item. Please refrain from bidding for about ten or fifteen minutes until I get the comments up for each item!

In Both Lots (Definitely getting the item if we win one of the two auctions!)
Large Lotto Origin Giratina: resilientspider @ $60
Large Lotto Ground Shaymin: girlunoriginal @ $35

In Lot 1 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Giratina: ambertdd @ $10
Small Lotto Pikachu: heenz @ $5

In Lot 2 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Ground Shaymin: meowthcollector @ $10
Small Lotto Sky Forme Shaymin: bergunty @ $25
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