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a monster of a get, other customs, and sylveons!

i wanted to post this yesterday because I WAS SO EXCITED but i didn't get much sleep because of construction on our house BUT NOW I'M AWAKE TO POST IT AND I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE.

Backstory: Last year I saw this AMAZING and GIGANTIC custom plush of my favorite Pokemon on tumblr. I told myself I WANT THIS, but pretty much pushed it out of my mind since I didn't think i ever would - until earlier this year. I decided to track down the artist's deviantart, but she unfortunately told me she wouldn't be open for commissions for another month. I (im)patiently waited for another month and finally, i got my chance. ;u; The artist was kind enough to let me do a payment plan for this monstrosity, so after a month of paying, and an entire summer of waiting...he's here!

i don't know if anyone here considers "customs" really grail worthy..but this guy definitely is it to me.

and without further ado...!

Oh...Oh dear.
Shrimp: ...daddy?

Shrimp: Can I ride on your back, dad?

He's so perfect! This big guy was made by the artist PlutoKiwi, hand crocheted, 57 inches from head to tail tip, and a whopping 7 pounds. He is perfect in every way, shape, and form, and definitely the most AMAZING thing that i own.
i named him Big Daddy, mostly because he's a giant and because bioshock. ;u;

more pictures!

grumpy teeth <3

cuddles with daddy ;u;

Belly rubs plz.

and finally, for a better size comparison:

My 5'5" self. HE'S AMAZING. AHHHH ;u;
i'm so happy <3

and a size comparison with the rest of my collection..he barely fits up on top. xD

I've been asking some other custom artists to make some Groudons for me too.
nothing too big, but i love them all the same. ;u;

Managed to find another artist who was able to make a groudon plush for me. He has a cute derpy chin, but i love him!

This little guy was made by an artist on etsy! He's a combination of a amigurumi and a sculpture! too precious.

areica96 was kind enough to make this for me for a partial trade! I don't have very many pinkies, so i'm always happy for more ;u;

another pinkie! this one was made by poliswirls for a trade. IT'S SO FAT <3

Yet another trade, this time with lapopearmadillo <3 I really love Groudon's pokedoll stuff and she was kind enough to make me a sculpt based on his art ;u;

No idea who the artist is, as i bought it secondhand from yaoi_queen, but i've always wanted a Groudon perler sprite, and this guy's pose is perfect!

and finally, like many of you, i got Sylveon fever and ended up collecting her aswell. maybe it's because i love ribbons and bows so much, but she is...too precious ;u;

So much pink, so much cute! I still have some things coming and some things i'm missing but i am happy for now. <3

That's all for today (i think!) thanks for looking <3
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