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August Release Pokemon Kids Two Sets GB Payment 2 and quick Black Kyurem Rumble U Figure sale!

Hello comm! I hope you all are well! Ugh, I've been so swamped with college homework, lol.

But FINALLY, I got this post up! So sorry it took long. X_X

Here are the final payments!

nysaurus - 1 figure (Pikachu Kid) = $2.44 PAID
irethsune - 5 figures (Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon Kids) = $2.79 PAID
***vinnvonn - 3 figures (Red Genesect, Jolteon, and Espeon Kids) = $2.44 PAID
salamence646 - 1 figure (Leafeon Kid) = $2.44 PAID
***kongorn - 1 figure (Charizard Kid) = $2.44 PAID
lyndsaygorawr - 1 figure (Pikachu Kid) = $2.44 PAID
anemicshoe - 2 figures (Vaporeon and Leafeon Kids) = $7.13 PAID
zombiecarousel - 1 figure (Flareon Kid) = $7.13 PAID
***tamago226 - 1 figure (Umbreon Kid) = $2.44 PAID
firebomb - 1 figure (Glaceon Kid) = $2.44 PAID
***amazin_porygon2 - 1 figure (Red Genesect Kid) = $2.44 PAID

Please send payments to misselaineous10[@]hotmail[dot]com. ALSO, if you name has asterisks next to it, I would like to know how you want your package to be. Box flattened or no box? Candy or no candy? Please let me know! =3

In addition, I have one full set of Eevee and its Eeveelution kids for $25 shipped in the US for participants! For non-participants, it would be $30 shipped! For international, ask for a quote. ^_^

Also, I am selling an extra Black Kyurem Rumble U figure I got! I have two, but one is already going to be traded. So, this one is for sale! ^^

I am asking $12 + shipping. =3 SOLD

And that's it! Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: figures, group buy, kyurem, payments, sales
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