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Special Thanks and Updated Wants Post!

Hey everyone! I guess I will make this short and sweet. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that is helping me regain my collection back! I am super excited to receive your packages in the mail! ^_^

Right now, I am currently on the prowl to get back my beloved Leafeon and Glaceon Palace figures! These things are so rare and I have no idea how to begin searching for them! Does anyone know the official name and/or Japanese name(s), so I can look them up on Yahoo! Japan? Or even better... anyone selling these babies?? If so, I am looking to buy!!

I miss these pretty babies!!
Leafeon Palace FigureGlaceon Palace Figure

I am also on the prowl for these items:

-Leafeon Battle Mountain Stage Figure!! I totally forgot about this one!!
Leafeon Battle Stage Figure
-Leafeon and Glaceon Keshipoke (another thing I forgot existed! lol)
-Espeon Battle Museum Figure
-Umbreon Chupa (old one!)
-Umbreon Chou Getto
-Glaceon Chou Getto
-Espeon and Umbreon Keshipoke
-Leafeon Attack Kid (do not remember what year)
-Any Clear eeveelution kids

-Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon 2012 Chupas
-"Friends" figures from this picture- I have Leafeon and Umbreon already (Really want Espeon and Sylveon)
Atsumare Eevee Freinds TTA

Thanks a lot guys for all your help! I cannot wait until everything I ordered gets here and I can make an official collection post! ^_^
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