frillypink_tron (frillypink_tron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

N Collection + Wants post

Hi there!  This is my first collection post since I decided to collect N items.

Last year I decided to collect N, and this was my very first item!

A few weeks after my decision to collect N.

What I have now.  I also have the two partners figures, but I have yet to photograph them!

I know it's still so tiny compared to what I've seen of other N collections on this comm, but I feel like I'm happy with what I have right now!  I'm actually quite picky over what merchandise I want to buy, I'm not the type to buy absolutely every piece of merchandise with him on it, so I don't want to buy items I don't love for my collection.  My grail is the Ken Sugimori Reshiram/N framed print, but it's always out of my price range haha.  Thanks for looking!

I'm not 100% sure of the name, I believe it's something like "I Love Pikachu DX plush".  The high quality fuzzy one, not the minky, I think.  If anyone is selling one in new or good condition, or knows where I could get one, please let me know!  I am seeing a lot on Amazon, but I fear buying a bootleg by mistake. I'm hoping to get one for around $40 shipped.
Tags: collection, wanted
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