Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question for the Community!

Hello all! I have a question for you today!

Some of our older members may remember my post a loooooong while back, maybe a couple years, that was a meme to post a picture of your entire collection! Thing is, I loved looking at them so much, that I saved them to my computer, and every time I see a nice collection....I save it as well ;A;  I feel kind of bad, because I don't really ask permissions to save them, though I don't use them for anything but my own personal gain :)

So, my actual question is, if I were to post this entire collection of collections to my website, (http://darkfountain.weebly.com) on it's own page, would you be okay with potentially having your collection posted there? I have over 200 photos saved, most of them very unique, and no two are the same, though they may be of the same collector. I am not posting any pictures until I get lots of people's opinion, and if it is well liked, I may make it it's own weebly site.

So please tell me what you think! Also, if you want to see if I have your photo saved, describe it to me, or show me a picture! I remember most :3 Also, if you would like me to save your photo, I may do that too if I find it visually appealing! Thanks and have a wonderful evening!

This is my collection! I'm only 14 and I consider this pretty good for my age xD Fun fact: I took this picture when it was pitch black :3

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