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Question about some rare Pokemon stamps

Although I keep feeling regretful when I am typing these words, I am determined to put these really rare and gorgeous, especially in mint condition Pokemon stamps up for auctions. The reason is predictable - it only happens when a grail of mine pops up! But first wait, I have no idea at all about these stamps and I did do research on them. But sadly nothing came out. So I turn to you guys and wish one of you might be an expert on these stamp sheets. Hopefully I can learn their history before seeing them go.

The other problem I need to resolve in advance is what would be the safest way to ship stamp sheets? Or in other words, how would you expect the seller to mail them out? Each stamp sheet comes with a piece of cardboard sheet, but still it could be bent for the reason obviously that they are not as strong as the cardboard from the shipping boxes.

I have multiples of each of these four sheets except for the surfing and flying Pikachu one. Also I keep some other stamp sheets featuring the Gen I 151 Pokemon individually. But the latter are not M.I.P. and some of them are with their edges being teared off. So I decide not to offer them at the moment. But if you are interested, you can still check them out at my other old post. Here it the link.

I will set up an auction post this Saturday after I get some info on the item and shipping. Thank you for your reading.

Onto the stamps. You can click on the image to get a larger view of the photo.
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