Grace Kelly (gracekelly8) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Grace Kelly

Groundbreakers collection complete!!!


So thanks to the help of so, so many members on the community here, after much time, and so much searching, i have finally finished my groundbreakers collection!

Just recently, mamath was kind enough to sell me her zubat, the very last i needed, which i promptly stuck onto a base and now here they are!!

EDIT: i made the photos bigger so people could see them lol

IMG_6983 (2)
IMG_6984 (2)

IMG_6988 (2)
IMG_6989 (2)

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me achieve this! Cant believe i'm finally here today!!

Im still looking for some other kaiyodo figures if anyone has some tips!
The eight TFG in the second row arent high priority, i already know where to grab them from it's just a matter of funding!


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