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Collection gets , reorganization and Sales!

Hello Pokemon Collectors! It has been  quite a while since I have shown off my updated collection but I have been super busy working on my new collection site of everything I collect and it is taking much longer than I expected! I can't wait to share it with you all when it is completed!
For today's update I would like to focus on one of my main collections and a couple reorganized side collections!
My Saur collection has grown quite a bit with some new armada sticker gets, a buildable Venusaur I didn't even know existed until I looked at Pansie's site, the Venu and Bulba Pokedolls, and the awesome D-Arts Venusaur!
There is so much jam packed in here that I cannot even fit all! Most of the flats are kept in a binder but some of these awesome custom stickers had to be displayed! Also D-Arts Saur is holding a Bulbasaur in it's vines :) I am still looking for the Saur Zukan and the Shiny Venusaur Kid.
I finally picked up the Bulbasaur Pokedoll from a friend to go with Venusaur! The red tape dispenser is also new and has tape featuring many different Mons! My next Saur buy will likely be the Rumble U figure since I have picked up a few from Game Stop and have yet to get one!
this little shelf used to be a different type per shelf but I decided to make a more uniform side collection area so here we are! The Char line resides on Top with D-Arts Zard standing on Blastoise's head. I just picked up the new Zard kid today!
Here we have some sea stars, Chinese fish, Wails, Cats, mice and puff balls! I really love the new Mewtwo Pokedoll and am very happy to have it with Mew! My Ditto side collection is right next to the kittys as a nod to the theory of Ditto's being failed Mew clones.

On to the sales! The following are up for Sale or trade for any Saur or Poli line items that I do not have ;)
-Paypal ONLY!!
-I ship from Las Vegas NV/USA
-Willing to ship anywhere and combine shipping. Discounts available on more items purchased
-I ship first class
-Once the item leaves my possession, it is no longer my responsibility.
-Please ask if you would like more pictures. I am more than happy to post additional pictures.
-I can hold an item if you need me to. How long I hold an item depends on your situation and feedback. \
-Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in March 2011
Feebback can be seen here!
All Pokemon Kids are $4.00 each and come MIB. The loose figures shown here are for reference as to the actual figure.
3 Sylveon available.
All Kids $4 MIB
Penny Arcade Expo Poster is $10 and made of Cardstock which makes it much sturdier and glossy!
Burger King Venusaur-$1
Clear Ivysaur-$1
Tomy Bulbasur -$2

Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, gyarados, ivysaur, magikarp, mew, mewtwo, squirtle, starmie, staryu, venusaur, wartortle
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